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It is with much regret that we advise the passing of this GREAT Australian Country Music Legend. Australia has lost not only a great country music entertainer but also a great gentleman, a man I was so very proud to call my friend.
Reg passed away on Tuesday 5th August 2008 after a suffering a long illness.
Reg's funeral was on Monday 11th August at 11.00am at St John Anglican Church, Westcott Street Cessnock.

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Australia's Reg Lindsay
By Noel Clarke
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first met Reg at a show in the small northern NSW country town of Bangalow way back in the late 50's I immediately became an unashamed Reg Lindsay fan. Not only was he great to listen to but Reg was prepared to spend time talking to his fans, something some others were not willing to do in those days.

Up till the early 60's I was living in Lismore, (a city not too far from Bangalow) where I used to perform in the local Hotels and also on local Radio 2LM, a program called Radio Ranch.
I was honoured when asked by Reg to sing a few songs on his show, I jumped at the chance to be on the same stage as Reg and others who were travelling with "The Reg Lindsay Show" in 1960.

I remember well standing on stage and starting my first song when I became aware of background music which somehow made me feel right at home, my nervousness started to subside, it was then I realised I was singing one of Reg's songs "Mysteries Of Life" which I'm afraid didn't make me feel at ease. (in those days there were no bands on stage as backing, just a performer & guitar) At the end of my songs I left the stage to find it was Reg and Kevin King who were playing their guitars behind the curtain which certainly enhanced my performance.

Reg had a fantastic line up of country stars on his shows during those early days. Stars like Heather McKean, Kevin King, Chad Morgan, Nev Nicholls as well as a marvellous comedian, George Nichols. Its a long, long time ago but I still recall the pride I felt at being given the opportunity to perform with these people for a tour of northern NSW shows.

Other pages on this site will have details of shows, Artists, and stories about the great Reg Lindsay. I will be updating these entries as I get more information and stories from artists who have appeared with Reg over the years, which I feel sure will be forth coming.

At Tamworth in January 1974 Reg won"Male Vocalist of the Year with "July Your a Woman"
Tamworth again January 1978 "Male Vocalist of the Year" this time with "Silence on the Line"
Two years later January 1980 "Male Vocalist of the Year" with "The Empty Arms Hotel"
Then in 1984 Reg was entered onto "Roll of Renown"

Reg had loads of success in the USA, infact I believe artists to travel to that part of the World can thank Reg for paving the way for them. Being the major success that he was and being from Australia must make it a little easier for others who have followed in the footsteps of "Australia's Reg Lindsay".

For quite awhile Reg travelled between the US and Australia when he had his television shows on the Channel 9 network. On each trip back here Reg would record some 6 shows then return again to fullfil his US commitments, they sure were very busy times.

One of Australia's legends of rock Roland Storm appeared with Reg along with a wonderful female country singer Donita Dey back in the days of Reg's Country Music Television show on channel 9, another two of the stars helped along in those days by Reg Lindsay.

If you have any stories or information you would like to see added to this site please


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