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Our Mission…

As a rural-based program, funded by Saskatchewan Justice, in cooperation with the RCMP, we assist victims of crime and traumatic events by providing support, information and referrals.

Our Clients …

We offer our services to the victims and witnesses of any crime or traumatic event, of any age. Our focus is on violent crime, residential break and enter, and incidents involving serious injury or death.

Our Goals …

We strive to:

· Lessen the immediate and long-term negative effects of crime and traumatic events experienced by victims.

· Help victims cope with the effects of crime and traumatic events.

· Ensure that appropriate referral information is readily available to victims.

· Improve the communication and flow of information between the victim, the police, and the criminal justice system.

· Prevent further victimization of victims and witnesses as a result of their involvement in the criminal justice system.

· Help victims prevent further victimization of themselves by preventing further crime.

· Assist the RCMP in providing an enhanced services to victims.

Our Services …

We work to meet our goals by offering the following services to victims:

· Emotional and practical support.

· Information on the status of their investigation and the police process.

· Information on court proceedings and the criminal justice process.

· Court orientation and accompaniment to trial.

· Crime prevention information.

· Referrals to appropriate agencies.

After receiving a request from a police officer to assist, we make the first contact with a victim in the appropriate cases. However, the public is also welcome to call us with any questions or concerns.

In partnership with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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