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The Middle Creek National Battlefield Foundation, Inc., a non-profit corporation, is an organization composed of individuals who desire to preserve this nationally significant Civil War battlefield. The foundation's purpose is to honor the memory of the gallant men, both Union and Confederate, who fought and died at Middle Creek.

The biggest and most important Civil War battle fought in Eastern Kentucky, Middle Creek was a tragic example of the fratricidal, Kentuckian-against-Kentuckian combat typical of this region. A Union victory, it focused national attention on James A. Garfield of Hiram, Ohio, who two decades later would become the twentieth President of the United States.

The Middle Creek Battlefield Trail is the first phase in what will be a series of interpretations of the battlefield site. In coming years, as funds become available, we hope to add a visitorís center, a research library, and a multi-media theater. The latter facility will be used to educate school children and other visitors not just about Middle Creek, but about other Civil War battles fought in Eastern Kentucky, as well as the social and economic impact of the war on the region as a whole.

We hope that what we are doing here will inspire visitors from other regions to work to preserve their own Civil War battlefields and historic sites. Whether or not you make your home in Eastern Kentucky, we encourage you to join our organization and help us preserve our rich mountain heritage. If you want to know more about us, consult our brochure. Copies can be obtained at the kiosk located at the beginning of the trail. 

We encourage you to join us in this endeavor and help us to preserve our rapidly-disappearing Eastern Kentucky heritage.

The Middle Creek National
Battlefield Foundation
Private Stanford Jessee of the 29th Virginia Infantry, C.S.A.
Jessee was one of the ten Confederate soldiers killed during the Battle of Middle Creek. Courtesy of Gordon B. Jessee of Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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Middle Creek
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