Post Card Tour of  Early
20th Century Prestonsburg
From the Collections of Delmas Saunders,
Margaret Collins, and Ben Ferguson.
Floyd County Court House
after completion in 1891.
Bird's-Eye View of
Prestonsburg, 1910.
Mayo Trail Leading
Into Prestonsburg.
Floyd County Court House in 1910. Bird's-Eye View of
circa 1900.
Mayo Trail Bridge over Big Sandy
at Cliff, 1930.
Bank Josephine in 1917.
1918 Armistice Day Parade
Crossing Toll Bridge into Prestonsburg.
Floyd County Court
House Tower, 1910.
First Presbyterian Church
on Central Avenue.
First National Bank
on Front Street.
Isaac Richmond's Funeral Cortege
Going Up Court Street, 1922.
Looking East on Court Street,
1929 Flood.
Ashland Oil Gas Station
on North Lake Drive, 1930.
Prestonsburg Toll
Bridge, 1910.
United States Post Office
on Central Avenue, 1930.
Court Street, Summer of 1919,
looking west.
Prestonsburg Baptist
Institute, 1910.
Harkins Law Office
on Court Street, 1925.
Court Street, 1957 Flood,
looking west.
Court Street, Summer of 1919,
looking east.
on Arnold
Interior of Fitzpatrick Store,
Court Street, 1923.
Prestonsburg High School
on Arnold Avenue, 1930.
Drug and Dry Goods Stores
on Court Street, 1930.
Joseph D. Harkins Residence
on Arnold Avenue, 1925.
Isaac Richmond Store
on Front Street, 1919.
View of Martin, Kentucky,
1942, looking south.
Beaver Valley Hospital
at Martin, 1930.
Home in the Heart of
Gas Hollow, 1930.
Toll Bridge extending from
Front Street across Big Sandy.
West Prestonsburg in 1925.
Gas Well Shot on
James Hatcher No. 3, 1930.
Looking south on Second Avenue,
Prestonsburg, 1920s.
Middle Creek Coal Company
Tipple, Prestonsburg, 1919.
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The post cards and other pictures on this page come to us courtesy of  Delmas Saunders of Abbott Creek and Margaret Collins and Ben Ferguson of Prestonsburg. Thank you, my friends, for sharing these rare photos of a long-forgotten town.
If you have any antique postcards of Prestonsburg or other  towns in Floyd County, contact Robert Perry Chairman, May House Photo Archive Committee.
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