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RCR Rails-to-Trail Ride & Fun Show


Drill Team Pictures:

Manawa, 2007 (1)

Manawa, 2007 (2)

East Troy, 2006

Iron River, 2006

Manawa, 2006

Viroqua, 2005

Viroqua, 2004



Wisconsin--known for the Packers, cheese-heads, and beer, is also home to the Rodeo City Riders Saddle Club, Inc.



Based in Waupaca County, which lies in the heart of Wisconsin, the Rodeo City Riders is an equine riding club whose members hail from cities throughout the state, as well as out of state. The club was formed more than 40 years ago when a group of friends organized a local horse show. They went on to support the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) Mid-Western Rodeo in Manawa, ride in local parades, and get together for potlucks, fun shows and trail riding.

The club is very proud of the fact that it was instrumental in creating equestrian riding trails at Hartman's Creek State Park in Waupaca, Wisconsin. The hard-working members designed, constructed, and still maintain these trails so that anyone with a state park trail pass can enjoy the beauty of the central Wisconsin area.

The Rodeo City Riders also sponsors a public trail ride each year, and holds an annual dinner, dance, and auction in honor of the landowners who so generously allow the use of their land for the weekend ride.

Club members provide security at the Mid-Western Rodeo in Manawa, where the drill team has been an opening act since 1999.  Many of the members also ride in the parade group, which performs crowd-pleasing maneuvers during the parades while carrying 'Old Glory' in a tribute to this great country.


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