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Jean-Paul Sartre

Biography: Jean-Paul Sartre : Jean Who?

June 21, 1905 was the day when JEAN-PAUL-CHARLES-AYMARD SARTRE was born on 13, rue Mignard, XVI in Paris, a fruit of the love between Jean-Baptiste Sartre, a young naval officer dying of fevers of Cochin-China, and Anne Marie Schweitzer, daughter of Charles Schweitzer and cousin of the famous medical missionary Albert Schweitzer. He lost his father when he was a year old. In his autobiography, he regretted that he was refused the pleasure of making an acquaintance with a father.[Read on]

Top Article: Sartrean Collective Authenticity: A Final Word

The tragedy of human existence manifests itself in the perpetual vacillation of man leading towards a life devoid of commitment. Man's inability to demolish the bulwark of lukewarmness in himself ushers a predicament of insufferable meaninglessness that continues to haunt him until the day he bids an existential adieu. The viable jewels of life remain untouched when man forgets his vocation of searching for the truth of his existence.[Read on]

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