Seventh (7th) Battalion
South Carolina State Troops
Senior Reserves

Ward, James W., Major

  Rogers, W. A., Adjutant

Battle Assignments:
  Bentonville, N.C. (March 19 thru 21)

Organization, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida

Organized with 6 companies in mid-1864. Part of consolidation at Smithfield, 9 April 1865

Record of Events

Field Assignments
  Florence Stockade
  Trapier's Brigade (Jan thru Feb)
  Mercer's Brigade (Feb)
  Chestnut's Brigade (Mar)
  Hardee's Corps, Blanchard's Brigade,  McLaw's Division (Mar thru Apr)
  Hoke's Division, Hagood's Brigade (Bentonville, N.C. )

Company A - Captain Richard D. F. Rollins - Darlington and Williamsburg District

Company B - 1st Lieutenant Philip D. Anderson - Horry District

At some point, 1st Lt Anderson may have been promoted to Captain or may have been in temporary command at the time of the correspondence located by Fred in Gen. Chesnut's letterbook. Until information to the otherwise is located, I am showing him as in command.

Company C - Captain Nicholas H. McIntosh - Marlboro District

Company D - Captain William H. Crawford - Marion District

Company E - Captain William H. Johnson - Williamsburg District

Company F - Captain Lemuel A. Grier ( Grice ) - Georgetown District

Company G - Captain - District

Senior Reserves

If you have any information about these troops or these units, please

Bil Brasington