Eighth (8th) Battalion
South Carolina State Troops
Senior Reserves

Stallings, S. H., Major, died in Charleston, 12 October 1864 (Charleston Mercury 10 October 1864). The captains of Companies A, B, and C drew lots to determine his successor. The drawing was won by Captain W. W. Hutto, Company C, who became the new Major of the Battalion.

Hutto, W. W., Major

Field Staff
  Fair, William Y., Lieutenant & Adjutant, Newberry District
  King, John, Sergeant

Battle Assignments:
  Carolinas Campaign (Jan 1865)

Organization, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida

Organized with 3 companies in mid-1864. Unit was officially disbanded on 1 February 1865, consolidated into 2nd Battalion, Compamies F & G and 5th Battalion, Company D

Field Assignments
  Columbia Military Prison, companies A & C
  Ripley's Brigade (Oct thru Dec)
  Taliaferro's Brigade (Dec)
  Chestnut's Brigade (Dec thru Jan)

Company A - Captain William H. Bartless - Charleston District

Company B - Captain Henry W. Fishburne - Colleton District

Company C - Captain W. W. Hutto - Barnwell & Beaufort Counties


Available data indicates that this Battalion had about as many troops as the others yet only 3 comapnies were formed. The average size was about rwice the size as in the others. I have been unable to find any reason for this decision.

There is a bit of information that seems to indicate that all three companies of the 8th Bn. were in Columbia by 23 Jan 1865. The following order issued by General Chesnut to Colonel Julian Peyre Thomas, commandant of the Arsenal Academy and commander of the Regiment of Detailed Men in Columbia, directing him to supervise the drawing of lots by the three company commanders to determine the new battalion commander. It would be impossible for them to draw lots unless all three were present.




23rd Jany. 1865.


Comdg. Rgt. Detailed Men:


You are hereby appointed with two officers of your command as a committee to draw lots for the Majority of the 8th Batt. Reserves in place of Major Stallings, deceased.

The names of the Captains are

  W. H. Bartless

  W. H. Fishburne

  W. W. Hutto.

In other words these Captains are to draw lots for rank.

By Command Brig. Genl. CHESNUT:


A. A. Genl.

Source: James Chesnut, Military Letterbook, 1864"1865.

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