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A.D.F. Resources and Benefits

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Through our affliation with our parent organization and mother church, A.D.F., we have access to several international resources and the structure of an officially recognized church. Below are some of the things provided by Our Druidry.

Guild Information

As a member of A.D.F. there are wonderful opportunities to learn, grow, and meet other people with similar interests. Our Grove supports its members' active participation in any group, and looks to learn with them.

Guilds are groups of ADF members who support each other in learning and teaching specific skill sets related to the work of Our Druidry.

  • Artisans Guild: creating and promoting training in the making of artworks and crafts.

  • Bardic Guild: promoting excellence in the word: spoken, written, and sung.

  • Brewers Guild: encompasses the art and spiritual significance of beverage fermentation as part of an Indo-European spiritual practice.

  • Dance Guild: exploring performance and research of dance and within the religious practices of individuals and groups.

  • Healers Guild: studying, practicing, and teaching a variety of healing arts.

  • Liturgists Guild: promoting the art and science of liturgy within the context of Our Druidry.

  • Magicians Guild: studying, practicing and teaching the traditional arts called magic, especially as practiced by the cultures of the Indo-European peoples.

  • Naturalists Guild: learning about the land on which we live, to work for the protection and healing of this land and the Earth, to deepen our understanding of and relationship to the Nature Spirits, and to facilitate the spiritual connection of our folk to the land.

  • Scholars Guild: advocate and practice, as an integral part of our faith, scientific and scholarly research and debate about the ancient Druids, the Indo-Europeans, comparative religion, folklore, and every other relevant field of human knowledge.

  • Seers Guild: training and fellowship in the skills of divining, trancework, and counseling.

  • Warriors Guild: training in spiritual, mental and physical defense, also emergency response.

Oak Leaves Journal

Oak Leaves is the quarterly journal of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, Inc. It is a forum for our scholarly and artistic explorations as well as a newsletter informing members and the community of our activities. The journal has been inn continuous publication since January 1997. Prior to that, the Druidís Progress was the official publication.

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