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How to Join Our Grove

pagan group gathering

Attend at least one of our public rituals and one study group session. Then express your desire to join our Grove as a member, fill out our contact sheet and make a monthly donation.

A.D.F. membership is separate and highly recommended. Through our association with A.D.F., we have access to many resources. Click here to learn more.

Or you can peruse our grove's reading list and suggested site links.

Membership Levels

  • Guest of the Grove is anyone who wishes to attend our public events and supports our community efforts.
  • Kith (Friend) of the Grove requires Coast Oak membership and monthly donations. At this level, you can participate in semi-public Grove events.
  • Kin (Family) of the Grove requires Coast Oak and ADF membership, and monthly donations. At this level, you are voting members of the grove and can hold junior leadership positions.
  • Elder of the Grove requires Coast Oak and ADF membership, monthly donations and completion of the ADF Dedicant Program. At this level, you can vote and hold senior leadership positions within the grove.

All levels of membership are invited to attend our frequent workshops and seminars on Druidry and Neo-paganism. Members are also invited to volunteer to help, host and teach at various events.

Groves throughout A.D.F. have different ways of labeling their membership levels. Some call it lay member, junior member or full member. We chose to call them Kith, Kin and Elder for aesthetic reasons.

For Drubies

Are you a Drubie who wants to be a Groovie? Drubies (dru-BEEZ) are druid newbies and Groovies (gru-O-veez) are groovy grove members. Check out this helpful article at ADF's website.

We can help you learn more about what Neopagan Druidry entails and can direct you to other sources of paganism like Asátru, Wicca, Church of All Worlds, Shintoism, Voodoun, Ifa, etc. All it takes is an open mind and some dedicated reading. Join us at our monthly workshops to learn a bit about how we practice our faith. We have an extensive reading list and a list of books we feel provide questionable information.

We highly recommend starting ADF's Dedicant Program. We have mentors available to assist you in your journey towards this goal. This program is also the basis of our monthly workshops. To learn more about how to get started or about our study programs, visit the study program page.

Membership Benefits

"So what do I get by being a member?" That's a good question. Here are a few things we think are of value with Kin level membership in our grove.

  • Dedicant Program mentor -- someone from our Grove will be available to help you work through this self-directed study program.
  • Children's Religious Education Program (CREP) -- A.D.F. has an educational program for Pagan children. We offer this as a service for our Pagan parents to help them teach their children the ways of our religion.
  • Voting privilege -- At Kin level, you get a vote at our periodic elections and thus a voice on how the Grove is run.
  • Leadership opportunities -- At Kin level, you can run for junior leadership positions or get appointed a leadership role. At Elder level, you can hold a position on the Elder Council.
  • Ministerial services -- need a minister to officiate at your wedding, handfasting or funeral? Need someone to do a Baby Blessing? Our Grove offers pastoral counseling and other religious ministerial services to our congregation.
  • Pagan friendly environment -- you get to roost with others who have similar beliefs and spiritual practices. It is a nice feeling to be with others of your own religion.

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