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High Holy Days

three in prayer

The primary intention of Druidic ritual is the re-forging of the links between humankind, the natural world and the Gods and Spirits who support both. For thousands of years human culture lived in more or less intimate communion with the unseen worlds. Over the centuries these ties have been weakened, until our modern materialism is endangering the very air and water that sustains our life. We seek to reconnect with the powers of Land, Sea and Sky, honoring the Spirit that is within them, as well as their physical realities.

As with any religion, we also seek blessings for our families our communities and ourselves. We open our hearts to the flow of divine blessings that come from our Gods. We also seek to awaken that same divine spark in our own souls, so we can bless the world in return.

Our Grove celebrates the eight Neopagan High Holy Days. We also celebrate holidays from other Hearth Cultures representing the needs of our membership. For more information, read these pages.

Date Holiday Hearth Culture Earth Mother Deities of Observance* Gatekeeper Event
December 21 Yule Norse Jord Odin and Frigga Heimdall Winter Solstice
February 1 Imbolc Celtic Danu Brigid Manannan mac Lir First day of February
March 20 Ostara Germanic* Nerthus Ostara Hama Spring Equinox
May 1 Beltane Celtic Danu Belenus and Belisama Manannan mac Lir First Day of May
June 21 Litha Baltic Zemyna Menulis and Saule Gabija Summer Solstice
August 1 Lughnasadh Celtic Danu Lugh and Tailtiu Manannan mac Lir First Day of August
September 23 Mabon Greek Gaia Demeter and Persephone Hermes Autumn Equinox
November 1 Samhain Celtic Danu Morrigan and Dagda Manannan mac Lir First Day of November

* Deities of Observance (DoO) is the Grove's typical honored deities for ritual. The DoO can be changed at the request of the Presiding Druid or the Grove Liturgist. Ostara celebrates the Goddess of Dawn who is prevelent in many IE hearths. Though we always celebrate a Dawn Goddess (Eoster, Ostara, Ausrine, Ushas, Eos, etc.), it may not always be the Germanic Hearth.

Principles of our Rites

Ritual: The outer form of our worship, like all ceremonies, is made up of spoken prayers, invocations and statements combined with formalized actions designed to create sacred space and time.

Sacrifice: A central action of our rites is the giving of gifts to the Powers. Sacrifice strengthens the Gods and the Spirits to which they are made. We offer flowers, incense, food and drink, precious metals and gems, poetry and song to our Deities, but never blood.

Trance: The skills that bring the celebrants together at our rites are the techniques of meditation and trance. By concentrating our minds on the symbols, words and actions of our ritual, we relax the barriers between the Otherworlds and the World of the Living.

Articles about ritual

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