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What Druids Believe

Ritual Altar

ADF embraces the religion of all the Indo-European cultures, but each Grove usually specializes in a specific culture. Our Grove's orientation is Pan-Europe, meaning we embrace the Gods and beliefs of all the Celtic/Gaulic, Germanic, Iberian, Slavic and Baltic peoples.

However, our Druidry is an orthopraxic religion (where right action is emphasized) rather than an orthodoxic religion (where right belief is emphasized). This is probably one of the main differences between ADF Druidry and other religions.

We also see our priests as Sacrificial Clergy rather than Sacramental Clergy. Our priests (male and female) are ritual specialists, acting as the face of the people, leading them in ritual and making the proper sacrifices, or offerings, to the Powers. Any sacraments can be done by anyone - we do not need priests to intercede between the people and the Gods.

We are polytheists, which means that we worship many Gods and Goddesses, who are not merely parts of some greater whole, but rather complete entities in themselves. We also worship the Nature Spirits of fur and feather, leaf and stone who inhabit the world as well as our Ancestors, be they our own forebearers, family of heart or the ancient peoples of this land.

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We have additional introductory pages to educate you on our spiritual and religious beliefs.

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