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Omens, The Seer and Divinations

Omens are taken at Ritual to allow the Shining ones to speak to us as a group. The Seer will use tools that the Gods can speak to him/her with the best. In our grove many types of tools may be used: Runes, Tarot, Ogham, or other forms of divination familiar to the Seer.

rune stones

The Seer uses tools s/he is familiar with. This establishes a working relationship with those tools and definitions between the Seer and the Shining Ones. With this in mind, know that the meaning of the symbol may differ slightly or somewhat more depending on the Seer. What is written in books may not be how the Seer understands those tools, thus the meaning may be slightly different based on the interpretation. So you may think a symbol or card means something, but the Seer has a different relationship, it doesn't make either interpretation incorrect. This relationship is developed between the Seer and the tools and is how the Gods speak to that Seer using those tools.

The interpretation also depends on who the reading is for, the situation it is taken in, and the dynamics of the setting at the time. So it is important to not criticize or submit an interpretation based on your relationship with similar tools or what may be written in a book by an "authority". This is what makes our faith a growing and personal relationship with our deities and guides. So to say an interpretation is "wrong" or should be otherwise, is not necessarily helpful when a Seer is receiving inspiration based on his/her communication at the moment.

Remember that these are omens of things for us as our life is now. These are not "set in stone" and unavoidable, but merely a glimpse of what could happen with the way our lives are now and the things we've set in motion. Of course, these omens can change depending on how we receive, look into our lives, apply or change things.

Be wise in your questions, of whom (spiritual) you ask and of whom/method (in this realm) you seek for the divination. Be comfortable with the method you are choosing and the person divining. Trust is very important.

Seeking different sources of divination may also lead to the Shining ones you are asking of to reveal information to you as pieces of a puzzle. So when you seek multiple sources, keep each bit of information together to try to look at it as a whole and see how each bit of information relates together. If you do not understand it right away; write it down, file it and review it later to see what speaks to you. Just be open to what may be revealed.

Blessings and inspired communication with the Spirit realm.

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