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Organizational Information

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This is where we keep our Policies, Certiciations, Bylaws and Meeting Minutes.

  • Bylaws of Coast Oak Grove, ADF Ver. A1 - Our offical rules of governace.
  • Grove Standard Operating Procedures - Draft 0.1, unadopted
  • Emergency Response Policy - What to do during emergencies at our events, meetings and rituals.
  • Offical Grove Status - a copy of our offical certificate
  • Meeting Minutes Archive - secured access

Downloadable information from our grove.

Grove Officers (Council of Elders)

The following executive officers make up the Council of Elders, our administrative leaders who serve as the Board of Directors for our religious group.

  • Senior Druid (Fergus) - Spiritual and administrative leader, acting as president
  • Scribe (Phoenix) - Administrative leader, acting as secretary
  • Pursewarden (Kevin) - Financial leader, acting as treasurer

Appointed and Elected Officers

These officers are appointed by the Council of Elders or are elected by active members each year. They do not serve on the Council of Elders (a.k.a. Board of Directors). The positions are currently filled by de facto officers or as needed.

  • Archivist (open) - Keeps records, pictures and artifacts from our history
  • Chief Bard (open) - Head of the local Bardic Guild
  • Chief Liturgist (Fergus) - Lead liturgical writer
  • Chief Medic (open) - First Aid-certified contact-person in case of injuries or emergencies
  • Chief Warden (open) - head of event security (from Warriors' Guild)
  • Eco Warden (Kevin) - contact for ecological issues, sustainable farming and recycling information
  • Firewarden (open) - in charge of fire safety and protocols
  • Librarian (open) - in charge of the grove library and literacy program
  • Membership Coordinator (open) - contact person for membership issues or questions
  • Parental Liaison (open) - contact person for parents, scouting and children's program
  • Public Relations Coordinator (Phoenix) - contact person for media and interfaith communications
  • Thane (Fergus) - head of the local Warriors' Guild and keeper of the Spear
  • Volunteer Coordinator (open) - contact person for volunteer projects
  • Webscribe (Fergus) - keeps the website up to date
If one of these positions appeal to you, please contact the Senior Druid for officer duties and obligations.

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