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Windows 3.1/3.11 Setup
Windows 3.1 and 3.11 don’t boot from HDD directly, they boot with a Windows startup disk inserted in your floppy drive…but you can make your HDD bootable. Just load MSDOS 6.22(it is gona make your HDD formatted and bootable...
Now Insert Your Disk of Windows 3.11 or Windows 3.1 and
Follow What the screen says and select country/keyboard layout, enter, enter at c:\Dos .Load all disks, remove last disk, enter, enter to reboot, (c:\>)
To load win31 from floppy Insert disk 1 in floppy drive, Type A:\ setup , type in you're name/company (home) enter, enter,
At select Printer you can select no printer and pick one later
To load win31 from HDD,
Type at c:\>
c:\>md wincabs enter (make a directory or make a folder)
c:\>cd wincabs enter (Change directory or open folder)
Insert disk 1 and type,
c:\wincabs>copy a:\ enter, press F3 to repeat last line till all disks loaded
c:\wincabs> setup enter. Do not use a win95/98 boot disk to format HDD, win95/98 use Dos 7 and win31 uses Dos 6
or less

Windows 3.1 FAQS

How do I change the display to show 256 or more colors?

Open the Main group, look for the setup icon and double click on it. Next select the change system setting from the dropdown list and set the display driver to Super VGA - 256 colors. Depending on what type of graphics card you own, you may be able to display more colors. Contact your graphics card vendor for the latest drivers.

My hard-drive seems to be running slowly. Can I defragment it?

DOS 6.0 and later comes with a DOS utility called DEFRAG. You can run it from the DOS command-line before starting Windows 3.1.

Is it possible to have Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 installed on the same machine?

Yes, as long as they are in separate directories. Also, Windows 3.1 is not compatible with the FAT32 file system that is used on some Windows 95 OSR2 systems.

Other Windows 3.1 Y2K information can be found at:

A simple Peer to Peer network will do:

1) Install network cards in both machines
2) Link them together (a simple ethernet with BNC would probably be easiest)
3) Install a protocol via Windows setup (run "winsetup /z"). TCP/IP is most
popular nowadays, but for just two machines, you’re probably better off with
Netbeui, as it's faster and needs less setting up.
4) Make sure you click on "sharing" in the above setup, and then check both
5) To share a directory, go into File Manager, click on the directory, then
go to "Disk" and "Sharing"
6) To share a printer, go into Print Manager, click on the printer, then go
"Printer" and "Sharing".

Making MS-DOS bootable floppy?

Inert a blank formatted disk in the floppy drive. From the DOS prompt of the hard drive type ‘SYS A:\’. it's gona put  DOS system files and command file into the floppy. Note it will not copy any DOS system configuration or memory management programs. You will need to copy those over to the floppy as well if you need them.

Can I run Microsoft Office 95 or later on Windows 3.1?

Impossible. New versions of Microsoft Office is used on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP. You can download Microsoft Office 4.0 and install it there.

 Can I run Win3x and Win9x on the same machine?

Yes, but remember several things. First, install Win9x, don’t upgrade your existing Win3x setup. Second, you need to install Win9x into a directory other than C:\Windows. If you do this, you should get a dual boot screen at startup so you can choose which OS to run.

 How can I connect a Windows 3.1 machine to the Internet?

Internet Explorer 5.0 for Windows 3.1 includes software for connecting to a dialup Internet provider. You can download it from:

Are there other ways to connect to the Internet besides Internet Explorer?

Another possible option is Trumpet Winsock and Netscape. You can download the 16 bit version of Trumpet from:

Version 4.08 of the Netscape web browser is available from:

Other light weight alternatives include:

Opera Web Browser:

Eudora E-Mail Reader:

Free Agent News Reader:

I'm having problems getting the modem to work...

Take a look at Microsoft's self-help document: "Troubleshooting Serial Port Problems in Windows"

Is shareware still available for Windows 3.1?

Softwares for Windows 3.1

Windows 3.1 Website Help

These are several websites where you can get  Windows 3.x updates:                       

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