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06th Dec 2003 10:13  Nostalgia Maximus Stupidus
I came home late yesterday. Switching on the PC and going online, I suddenly had the urge to down the memory lane that was PHS 4H, circa. 2000-2001.

I went through the pages, read the lame captions, see the galleries, and recalled so many things. I remember that Mr Chai used to be known as the "Ah Beng Chinese Teacher" I remember that we used to stay in school till 9pm just to attend Principles of Accounts supplementary lessons. I remember that we used to have a picture of Kyoko Fukada at the back of the wall, pinned to the board on the wall. I remember that Jian Liang also managed to "accidentally" bring that same wall crashing down. =) I remember we used to call Meizhen "Bakgua". We also used to call Yvonne Chan "Ah Bong", Leonard "Coconut", Derrick "Penguin" and Boon Hwee "Rubber". I remembered that Gilbert used to shout "称霸全国" for no apparent reason at random intervals, how Lewis always asked the rest of the guys whether they wanted to get some "Bo Bo Teh". I remember that we were a class of 25 girls, 13 guys, that all of us at the time faced uncertainty before us, not sure whether where our future paths will take us.

I am reminded that at this moment in time, we have received a glimpse of an answer. Some of us are going into army soon, some are overseas, some are working, some are attached, some are detached, some are deluded. But all have changed. I am reminded that the memories reawakened in my head, so fresh that they seem like they were from yesterday, as if the coming Monday will herald another day of dreaded school, are as they are, merely memories. I realised that everyone has changed, and will change. All we have left are fleeting moments, lost days and blurred recollections.

Now I remember why I do not want to make a website for my current classmates in my current school. Because it will evoke too much memories. Because I will want to relive experiences in vain. Because everything that will be recorded and viewed will stir up feelings and emotions that should just be kept away in one's deepest unconsciousness.

2002 08:29  "Where are them updates?"
The site has moved! It's now located @ Quite a mouthful compared to the old address of but no choice... That address got some technical probs. I will be emailing everyone in the class with valid email about the change, so please look out for it.

It is comfirmed! We will be setting up a stall for this year's Food & Fun Fair on the 6th July. (Saturday, 9am - 4pm) The stall will be selling food, but we need people to help look after the stall. Please email Meizhen @ as soon as possible to let her know if you want to help. Thanks.

The pictures for Meizhen's Chalet are now ready, feel free to go over to take a look.

So long since I've updated! Sorry everyone!

10th Apr 2002 21:49  How now, brown cow?
I recently saw Meizhen on IRC, and she told me about her experience when she went back to school to visit Ms. Chee & peeps.

Hey guys/gurls.. Ms. Chee asked whether we are interested to set up a stall for this year's Food & Fun Fair on the 6th July. (Saturday, 8am - 5pm) I think it would be a great chance to meet up again..  Email me a reply should you see this.. I think it will be fun.
It's more than a MONTH since I updated this site, wonder if it's the beginning of an end..

02nd Mar 2002 02:49  Now.. Onwards towards latter days.
Had a bath after reaching home after work (yah, I am work at McDonalds currently.), and decided to update. I must say, my results were not as awful as I had thought, considering my Maths had a D7... Still got place to go. At least don't have to end up going  for a '7-11 degree'.. I'm only pissed that my Lit got a B3. #*%@! Should have tried harder.

Apart from my ranting, congrats to Daphne and Jacinta who made it into the Top Scholars' List.. And also, to 4 Humility, as an entire class of Literature students. We kicked some ass! and also made Ms Tan very happy. Good job all.

Now that we got our results, and have been assigned to various schools/institutes.. I really hope we can keep in contact. If possible, continue to be good friends with one another. You all know that you can email me for also anything at all, except forwarded email messages.  >:[  Hope to see you peeps again in the future. Keep in touch.

13th Feb 2002 13:39  Hi people.. How are you all doing!~
Really big apologies for not updating the site for... almost a month. Been busy with stuff and work (yah. surprisingly.) and so I just managed to do this during the holidays.. Which brings me to the point:


Not forgetting our dear Mrs. Robinson over in Ozzieland   ^_^   Hope everything is just dandy over there.

Also, for everyone who popped in during the recent pig-out @ Ivonne's home, thanks for devoting the time for it! A big cheer goes out to Ivonne who organised the outing.. For those who didn't turn up... Hope you guys got the invitation, we really didn't meant to leave anyone out. For people who were busy with work and stuff, (Yvonne with work, Bowen with family dinner) damn man really wish you guys were with us.

I sure look forward to another meeting with you people. Who knows? I might even NOT bring my AhPek bike.. (PS: Leonard, please email me if any of you people intend to go night-cycling anytime soon. Thanks!)

15th Jan 2001 00:39  Chalet 2001 main page finally up!
Finally, the long awaited Chalet 2001 page, is ready! Feel free to look at it. The page is a little empty though... No pictures or anything. The photos from my cam are damaged (my film got overexposed  :-[  ) so I REALLY need help regarding any pictures of the chalet. Please please email me if you have pictures of us @ the chalet. Thanks. 

Also, all the entries on the Chalet 2001 page were from my perspective. If you had any of your unforgettable experiences
in the chalet, (eg. Thomas was being a complete ass by hogging the toilet) or any thoughts or comments, just email me about it.

It is close to 1˝ months since almost every member of the class gathered together.. (testimony collection day) Already, I feel as though memories of the class and your people (4h/3H) are becoming so... distant. 

... Life is moving too fast man. Wish there was a "pause" button somewhere.

Keep in touch folks, make new friends, forget not the earlier ones. Remember to email Ms. Lee ( also lah, don't forget her. Hope to rejoin you guys again at O' Levels Collection Day. Best wishes to you in whatever else you do till then. ^_^

2001 19:51
Good news... Mrs. Robinson is doing good now. Bushfires no affecting them.  ^_^  

Also, Chalet 2001 is finally up. The details I wrote inside is basically just that of what I remembered. Hope you guys can correct me by email if the stuffs were wrong. Please check it out.

Jan 2001 11:51
A new year... a beginning of new possibilities. For all Humilities' who are currently studying in JCs or private courses, (Yuwen & Goon) study hard~ For p'ple doin' part-time work now, all the best to you to. If you have an incredibly good pay, relaxed job, email me! (Heh.)

Mrs. Robinson (Ms Lee) wrote back about a month ago, and asked why some of you guys haven't wrote to her for a long time. All it takes is just a short note guys... Won't take too much of your time to write some snips about your everyday life. But seriously, I hope that the recent bushfires didn't affect them too much.

About the Chalet 2001 page... I know I have promised to make it available ASAP.. but am really busy these days. I apologise and will try to allocate some quality time to make the segment. Cheers.

19th Dec 2001 02:25
Hey people... Hope everyone had an excellent time @ the chalet (Downtown East) on the 2 - 4 Dec. Cheers to everyone for making it a really great experience. Hope to have another chalet in the future. =) I apologise for not having any updates about the chalet and stuff yet. I'm currently a bit busy with other stuff. Will try to get the stuff up soon~ 

For now, I've finished the section about the Nite Cycling trip we had. For those who were in the trip and those who were not, check it out it makes for quite a long reading experience. Cheers!


01st Dec 2001 18:03
Guys and Girls! NOTE NOTE NOTE! Here are the details of the chalet! Please write them down before you go if not you might get lost!!! >:]

Chalet Information    
Location:  DownTown East (Pasir Ris) Block G, Room 1712
Time: After 2pm
Other Info: Please bring $11 (Cover expenses like food, etc)

The time has come people.

26th Nov 2001 01:03
Guys and gurls, time to be united! On the 27th, (the day to go back school to collect our testimonials) a whole mass of guys from other class have ALREADY planned to go back in casual clothes, so I'm probably doing so too, and I am STRONGLY encouraging you all to do that! Let's revolt against the tyranny of the school and start a revolution!

Meiyi would like to request people going for the chalet and BBQ to pay for their share of the food ASAP. Pls try to pay her the $7.00 before December. Thankz.
Lastly, our best wishes for the lovebirds Mr and Mrs Robinson! Hope to see you with a nice cute cubby baby real soon.. You know what I mean? =) Cheers!~

23rd Nov 2001 01:02 Last Day of O' Levels Exams!!!
Hey... The exams finally over! Yes! Time to relax and get ready for a heck of a good time @ the Class Chalet. Note - MeiYi, the water container is now with me and washed liao.

I have already sent out an email of the most current contact list I could compose. The following people PLEASE take note, I could not contact you as -

Meizhen - your "dancer.. hotmail" exceeded storage allocation.

Evyon and Daphne - your email account has been cancelled because you did not check it for a long time.

Winnie, thanks for the picture of me you drew while giving me your email address. Please email me with your contacts should you have changed email and such. I do not reveal anyone's email address to strangers and only share these information with class members. Overall, I rely on your trust to allow me to be able to keep an updated list so that we can keep in touch. =)

Ok that's about all people, seeyah~

13th Nov 2001 01:02 READ IT. 
Hey guys, thank you all for the emailing and keepin' in contact. Makes a big difference for me man.

Yvonne recently emailed and asked me to put this on the site. After I read it, don't know wad to say.. Makes me feel a sob or two. Read it people. 

To: 4 Humility 
I don't know how many people are going to read this... But just wanna say.. We are all leaving the school for good (duh!).. and many of us are not even going to see each other again.. but somehow.. I know I won't be able to forget any of you people.. I know I will miss this class.. 

Many things have happened these 2 years.. TOO much things.. I realised that when I read through the class website.. Those are all unforgettable memories.. Nothing is going to erase them.. But nothing is going to bring them back either.. Kind of sad isn't it? There are all those happy and sad stuffs that happen in our class everyday.. There were even friction n unhappiness among some people n me... Well, just want to say a big sorry to all those people whom I have caused unhappiness in ok.. Let's forget all those unhappy stuff.. It's not easy for friends to meet one another and become friends.. since we had the chance.. why not cherish it? 

Remember how all the teachers thought that our class was a totally hopeless case? And those times when we went against those teachers we dislike? AND~ when we were punished to sing the national anthem? I know a lot of us think that 4 humility wasn't united enough.. But I'm sure after all these times.. There must be bonds built up among all of us right? Our class have what that makes it special.. and that is something that MOST of us will remember our class for.. That is also something we won't find in any other place...*Sobz* I knew I'll miss this class... 

Hmm.. maybe I'm getting a little too emotional.. But it wasn't easy for me to say all those things ok~ hehe... :) 

Some of u people might not even be that close to me.. I don't know how many people will remember me.. But I will still remember every single soul in the class Humility.. ALWAYZ~! 

No matter where you all will be.. Wish you people all the best and work hard for your goals~!! Maybe one day.. When we are all successful and grown-up... We'll meet again..!! 


29th Oct 2001 21:57  New Galleries UP & Ready
PS:Ladies and Gentlemen. Pictures are finally ready and loaded on the site. For new miscellaneous pictures, courtesy of Tom's lousy digital camera, please go to the Pictures page, under the 3rd Set part.

Graduation pictures have also been loaded and are all compiled into the Graduation 2001 page. Go see them. More pictures that are mostly unrelated to our class can be found over at the Graduation Day (same name, difference in contents) section of the #PHS Site.( If it seems weird how come and s' addresses seem very similar, the reason is that I made both sites lah.

I also want to make a request to everyone who brought cameras and took pictures on Graduation Day too. I would like to borrow your pictures for scanning to put on the class site. Contact me and  I'll arrange for something. Thanks.

th Oct 2001 00:57 Final Day of the Days we shared in our lives.
PS: Bowen - Sorry fer not being able to get the site ready on Friday man. Really tried my best.

Here is my 2 cents on today, and my feelings and sentiments. Today, is the graduation day for the Secondary 4s (1998 - 2001) and the Sec 5s. More important, it also officially marks the last day we will congregate together as a class for school curriculum activities. The classroom located on the 3rd floor of the Presbyterian High School (Ruth Block), just between 4 Grace and the toilets, will no longer have the sounds of sadness, laughter, bickering or the sense of community, nor an intimacy that we somehow seemed to have accumulated over the close to 2 years as a class. No more science lab mishaps, no more ball games during PE, no more walking from one room to another in long, long lines.

I remember when I first joined this class, as it was originally known as 3 Humility last year, I did not know many people here. With wide, uncertain eyes I sat in one of the seats and listened to the self-introduction of our Form Teacher, Ms Christina Lee (2000) to us - That marked the 1st lesson for us. Her first words then seemed a blur to me now but I still distinctively recalled this, "I want to be able to talk to you all and treat you all as grown ups... ...In the same way I expect you all to behave and respect me (and teachers) like adults." In someway or another, we have matured, and moved on now to embark on the crucial O' Level Examinations, and after that onto a promising future as bright young men and women with limitless potential. But while in the hall today, my ears were filled only by the speech made by Yu Wen, the seemingly normal chatter between classmates, the sounds of school life... My eyes were filled with the sight of smiles, of handshakes, of half-said words, of farewells. And of tears.

Tears, unshedded only until dire moments, and irreplaceable with possession or currency, sparkled with a sapphire beauty as hugs and farewells were made, and precious tears rolled down sad cheeks.

Certainly I will miss every single one of you guys and girls. Yvonne, Pei Lin, Shu Yi, Shi Ting, Melody, Ivonne, Jacinta, Chun Zhao, Mei Yi, Geraldine, Yu Wen, Michelle, Heather, Eyvon, Cindy, Noora, Joanne, Ruth, Jacqueline, Winnie, Hui Xian, Jing Yi, Daphne, Mei Zhen, Dorothy, Cheah Wen, Gilbert, Lewis, Leonard, Zhi Hui, Derrick, Bowen, Yih Haw, Boon Hwee, Eugene, Melvin, Choon Kee, Jian Liang all have left a big impression in my life story. Thanks everyone for being with me for the 2 years + enduring my nonsense =)

Let not being in the same school not be a barrier to us, but let us remain friends and keep in contact with one another for the years to come, and perhaps for the rest of our lives. You all know my
email address so if till now you don't I am going to "eh HELLO!" you and "knock your head". Please keep me and everyone else informed of any class events or gatherings and do send email to one another OK?

Announcements, announcements. New pictures will be added SOON, some from my digital camera, some from the film cam. Bad news - 85% of the digital cam pix either range from blurred to Urgh   . The film ones will be ready on Sunday and everything compiled for a "Graduation Memories" photo section of sorts but I'm now hoping to gather together a richer collection from the others who had brought their cams. You can either lend me some of the developed pixs to scan or if you are busy, I can help you go develop the pix. (PS: will need the developing $ too. Geraldine - sorry I let you down and didn't go get the pix the other time. ;-[ ) I hope you guys will make an extra effort and do this as an extra special favour for me. Th@nx!!!~

Finally, Melvin has created a website for his NPCC friends @ . It's pretty nice, with cool stuff and graphics. Inside also has a bit of Humilty stuff. Just check it out and support him lah. You'll love it.

th Oct 2001 20:23  The Robs® haf sent their message..
Hey Mrs. Christina Rob (aka "Ms Lee") and Mr Robinson! Thanks for the letter you sent to us. Life in Australia sounds big time fun!~

I have compiled the files and created a new page - Please do visit
Greetings from Robinsons® to check out the letter Mrs. Robinson sent (a typed out version..), plus the nice pictures she included, all the way from the Down Under.

I have deleted the
TIMETABLE file accidentally. [  :(  ]  

But look on the bright side - soon we will not need the timetable ~ The Graduation Ceremony's coming this Friday! (26 Oct) Please bring your school tie, but DUN forget your cameras, markers, whatever else you want!!! Lookout for our class speech that will be presented by either
Yuwen or Ruth Nair.

Haiz... Time flies by very fast... Let's make the ceremony a memorable day - For the rest of our days!

th Oct 2001 22:23  Allo Allo Allo~
New pictures added guys - Check out the ECP Outin' 2001 page for pictures of Bowen, Bowen, Bowen...

... And the
Class Photos page for group pictures of the whole/most of the class taken together.

I will try to get the pictures of Mr + Mrs Robinsons' (aka Ms Lee!!!) wedding ceromony available as soon as possible. Keep a lookout for it anyways people.

5th Sep 2001 22:23  Holiday Dazed Dayz
Greetings to the new couple Mr. and Mrs. Robsters!

Hope you guys are kickin' a* down under in Kangaroo' Land :>

New pictures of Ms Lee are available! Go check them out in the
Pictures section

14th Aug
2001 18:33  Sch will never be the same again, Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow..
I received a note from MeiZhen today which she requested I pass on to the others after I had read finish
its contents. It was a note from our form teacher (2000) , Ms Lee. It was somewhat of a post-farewell card to us guys. (class 4H and 4J)

After reading thru' it, many things went thru' my mind. Suddenly, it seemed that all the fun, laughter, good times and bad, have slipped pass, just like sands of an hourglass.

"School" is a different thing altogether this year, compared to the last. 

How many teachers have left?
FOUR. And ONE may even leave soon.

How many teachers that taught us in Year 2000 were still around?

How long will our current school building (Ruth Block) remain? Six
MONTHS, maybe less.

Anyway you look at it, "School" for us will be a completely different thing from, let's say, students 3 years from now.

Everything is
RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Everyday will disintegrate into just another yesterday unless you realise how important it is. I just want to say that I appreciate everyone of you THIRTY-EIGHT guys of my class.

That's all I have, having spent
FOUR hours in the D/C Room thinking over it.

9th June
2001 02:43 Holiday Dazed Dayz
June's finally here and my birthday was about 2 days ago...  :)  Thanks everyone for all birthday wishes. Really appreciated them.

As promised, pictures of Mr. Chai's Farewell Party are ready for viewing, with a BIG thanks to Shi Ting for the pictures. Go check them out.

Finally, me wants to know if the Outing to the Beach on this coming Monday is still on?!? Please call or msg me if you know the details guys.

11th May
2001 19:43  Happy B-Day to Zhen Jie!~
If you guys haven't congratulate our happy birthday girl yet, what are you waiting for? TODAY is MeiZhen's birthday! I hereby wish Zhen Jie happiness and good health for life! Happy B-Day girl.

Do checkout the Friday Weekly CD that Jacqueline gave out. It's quite cool, even has a copy of IE 5.0

Monday's more exams! Study, work hard but don't kill yourselves ok? Seeyah!

20th April
2001 02:10  New Stuffs (Yeah!)
Abit of good news - Pictures from the Lit Workshop are finally available. I've optimised the JPGs to allow dial-ups to view the files faster. Certain photos are abit... err... so I left them out. I hope Ms Tan takes them down REAL quick. If you have broadband, do view the files over at POSTKID. The path is as follows 

 Lesson Resource > Literature > Sec 4 Express > pictures of R n J enrichment course 

On the homework pieces side... Check out Bowen's essay based on the "Boring Teacher, Hidden Birdie" paper. 

12th April
2001 18:11 What De F*?! Books kena confiscated...
Being sick doesn't mean your belongings are insured. Now I found that out.

Jacqueline recently wrote a note on the notice board apologising for not printing the Chinese notes.

I feel that the REPs do alot of work and are real stressed, so if any of you all feel angry at her, take her job and try it out, buster.

So I take it that we let tiny bygones be tiny bygones lah.

12th Feb
2001 18:45   The 1 Week Holidays
Hope you guys are enjoying the well deserved rest.

I'm not so "free" these days. Abit sick still with sore throat. Gonna take things slow. And do abit of studying. Byez.

14th Feb 2001 20:18   Love, Romance and a bit of Class Togetherness
With all the happeningz today at school, it was quite fun, to say the least. Time flew by till recess was over and we line up to go back to class.

Just then - Damn, the girls are forced to stay back and got scolded. In the hot sun too. The guys didn't notice and moved a few paces off... Then, a few of us (guys lah, wad else) realised. "Should we go back?" Go as a class, work as a class. One by one, everyone went back to the carpark.

Mr. Chan, surprised, asked "What are you all doing here?" "Oh, we wait for them loh." Later on, when we return to class one of the gals asked why did we went back. Choon Kee said "Aiyah, we only want to miss lesson only lah." Faker.

Our class simply rules man.

10th Feb 2001 23:45

Erm... Whatever happened on Friday (the day I wasn't around and also the "Injections Day") I apologise for my part of incompetence. Hopefully by Monday I can find a solution on the Eng Enrichment books.

4th Feb
2001 23:10
New Pictures section added. Check it out!!!

2nd Feb 2001 19:30

OK. To Winnie, Dorothy, RuthnRuth, God bless on your Sec3 Adventure Camp! Have a fun time there.

30th Jan 2001 20:15

Presto! We are online! This is THE zone for 4 Humility (Year 2001) of Presbyterian High School!

Please do revisit the site as I'll update it at least once every week. As you can see, the site is quite bare so any suggestions if possible, are welcomed. For now, under RESOURCES, we have the class timetable. I will be adding in teaching resources put up by our teachers on POSTKID. Adding other stuffs soon. Do look out for it. Cheers.

26th Jan 2001 18:21
Creation of the site...