These questions and answers are not exhaustive and if there is anything that is not covered in here, please kindly contact me about it.

1. Can I post your fics / poems on my site?

I generally don't mind giving permission for that. However, before you take anything, I would appreciate it greatly if you could please contact me and let me know what is the URL of your page and tell me which fic or poem you are posting. Also please credit me by linking back to my site. Thank you.


2. Can I request for a fic / poem?

Yes, you are very welcome to send in a request for a fic or poem however I can't guarantee how long it'll take me to do it... it might very well take years if it's a fic request. Poems stand a better chance but like I said no guarantees.


3. Can I use your characters for a fic?

I seriously can't imagine why would anyone want to do that. Anyway, it depends. Before I let someone else use my own original characters, I would want a better understanding of your work and why you want to use my character.


4. Can I continue one of your incomplete fics?

I wouldn't encourage you to do this unless your writing style is very similar to mine. If you can convince me, I'll definitely put serious consideration on this request.


That's all for now until I think up something else, anyway when in doubt over anything on this site, contact me.


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