This is terrible. I update the site but I never bother to mention it in the updates. And the amazing thing is this site is almost one year old. Oh boy....


Added a GuestBook for visitors who happen to stumble across this litte site that is still not quite complete. Is toying with the idea of setting up a fanart section. Anyway, this place is heavily under construction.


Hmmm.... not an update really. Added a counter though but I still have the links page to work on. Should probably upload and live some other sections too. ...


I finally made the decision to move out of Crosswinds. I hate not being able to login and have links to images being blocked with a stupid crosswind banner. So here I am on Geocities... hopes it won't feak me...


Changed my mind about the background and text color. Black and red is very hard on the eyes even if it did look good... so much for my sense of design.


Okay, I've finally gotten off my lazy butt and done something. It's not much but hey, I'm no genius at this so it'll have to do until I gain some skills at designing web pages. Anyway, don't expect too much since this site will mainly serve as a online warehouse for my stuff. There probably won't be any updates till years and years later... Back to work!



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