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   What We Do

How Jeff and Tammy ended up in this part in Thailand....


n October 2004, we (Jeff and Tammy) were sent out as missionaries by the Church of Singapore (Bukit Timah) to live in Nongkhai, in the northeastern region of Thailand. We work with the Nongkhai Assembly of God church in Nongkhai as the representatives of  Southeast Prayer Centre (SEAPC) for Thailand.


 Youth Ministry in Nongkhai Assembly of God Church (Thailand)


eff teams up with Ajahn Tong and Poy to help start the Youth Service in Nongkhai AOG church in 2005.

The teenagers that attend come from within Nongkhai town as well as faraway villages and the Nongkhai Boys' Home (orphanage). Hence a transport service via pick-up trucks are arranged so that these youth can come and be sent home safely every Saturday afternoon.

Camps, outreach parties, English / music lessons and evangelistic crusades with visiting short-term youth teams from other countries are among the activities in this vibrant youth programme.

  Want to bring a youth team over to Nongkhai? Email Jeff at
     Nongkhai Women's Ministry

Tammy and Pastor Sommai (wife of Pastor Thamanoon) have a burden for young women in Thailand forced into the flesh trade, either by their families, poverty or other circumstances. There are also many Laotian girls that cross the border into Nongkhai and enter this dark and dangerous occupation.

We have heard too many real-life stories of young lives devastated by AIDs, shame and abusive relationships, after these girls find themselves trapped in prostitution. We want to tell these girls about how Jesus loves them, will take care of their needs and can give them a new life in Christ.

  In 2006, we hope to start a programme for these girls who want a new life in Jesus. This  programme will give them employment, teach them English and a new skill, and most importantly, Bible study and rehabilitation in a Christian environment.  
  If you have a heart for this ministry, please email Tammy at to discuss how you can be a partner to reach these girls with us.  

Evangelistic Projects to reach the Unsaved in Northeast Thailand


The evangelistic vision of the Nongkhai AOG church for Nongkhai region of Thailand is:

" A church in every district,  a cellgroup in every tambon (community of villages), a believer in every village and everyone in Nongkhai have the oppotunity to hear the Gospel".

We help Pastor Thamanoon and his church in evangelistic projects to meet the needs of the Thai people and share the Gospel with them. Successful projects this year include several blanket distribution projects, medical missions and school outreach programmes. We also pray for sick people and we praise God that many have been healed by Jesus!


Several short-term mission teams have come and worked alongside with us in these projects and prayer-walking. If you want to participate in a evangelistic project, please write to us at

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