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:D About Me!

 :) Friends!!! :)

This is Me and my best friend Britney! Best Friends Forever!
My name is Shayla! I am 13 years old. My birthday is on January 13th. My nicknames are; Shay, Seafood (Kara and Brooke made up!), Shay-Shay oolay Shay Shay la pizza! (Eh Cara! :)  My Boyfriend is Matt! :D My favorite colors are lime green and hot pink. I have a bunch of friends which are in the other column to the right. I love to play sports, hockey, softball, volleyball, basketball and badminton. My favorite food is Seafood and Fruit. My favorite animals are; monkeys, lizards, frogs, snakes and any other reptiles! My favorite bands are Billy Talent!!! Good Charlotte, Green Day, !!!Busted and Darkness!!! (Eh Ella!) and Simple Plan. My favorite solo artists are Eminem, Usher and a lot more! I have 4 people in my family including me, my brother Travis, my mom Chris and my dad Trevor. I have 1 pet, its a dog and its name is Copper. My favorite movies are, Napoleon Dynamite, The Grudge, Dumb and Dumberer, Fox and the Hound :'(...Hey Britney! :(! lolz! and That's Me! ;)



















This is Shayla (me) and Britney.
Here is Cassy, Brooke and Sidney.
This is Maris in NZ
This is Ashlee, Me and Kayla
Britney and Cassy are my best friends! I have a lot
of other friends too like; Brooke, Delayne, Kayla, Ella , Maris, Alana , Kara , Cara  ;), Dakota  ;), Ashley  ;), Karissa  ;), Kayla  ;), Shayla Hertz ;), Carmen ;), Kelsey Lane ;), Alexa ;), Stephanie, Heidi , Tanna, Tayler , Brooke ,  I have a lot of guy friends too; Matthew, Carter, Thomas, Mitchell, Miggy, Brennan, Jesse, Tyler, Thomas B., Dylan, Jared, Tyler, Sawyer, Adam C., Reed, Quilen, Jordan H., Landon A,  Kurt, Michael L, Adam L.