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The most important aid to documentation is a clean progamming language.

JON BENTLEY: Programming Pearls, CACM, June 1987, p. 483.

This is Voyage from the Rexx language to AS/400 - An introductory tour for all who begin to work with AS/400 and like Rexx. Can you use AS/400 and at the same time read my article? Don't hesitate to try yourself possibilities of the Rexx language in this environment. Overcome with me Thousand Manuals Mountains (with highest mountain Mt. CL - altitude 2000comMmands !) and Restrictions River.

tour from Rexx to AS/400

 [How write and run Rexx program]

 [Standard Input and Output]

 [External Data Queue]

 [SQL statements]

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Andrea Ribuoli Le potenzialita del Rexx per l’integrazione/gestione di sistemi
About using Rexx instead of Command Language on AS/400. The program presented there explained how to send multiple members from an AS/400 to another. A. Ribuoli is the contributor of News/400 Journal.


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