dvedit - A Devnagari text editor

dvedit - A Devnagari text editor

Welcome to the experimental Devnagari text editor dvedit. It runs on any X11 window system having the Tcl/Tk shell wish. It provides a very easy-to-use and effective graphical interface. This experimental version of dvedit has evolved to be a rather sophisticated text editor. It incorporates many features commonly found in modern editors. In addition, it is capable of converting Devnagari text files to html, LaTeX and PostScript. It also provides facilities to convert a text file written in 7-bit ASCII to a Devnagari text file. You can send contents of the editor windows through e-mail.


  1. X11 bitmap fonts (upright and slanted at point sizes 10, 12, 15, 18, 21, 25, 30 and 36).

  2. The PostScript Type 1 font dvr.gsf for exporting Devnagari documents to PostScript files.

  3. A style file (devnagari.sty) needed for the compilation of exported LaTeX documents. This style file is based on a devnagari font (dvng10.mf) created by Frans J. Velthuis. This METAFONT source is not bundled with the distribution. This distribution provides a slanted version of the Devnagari font (namely, dvngsl10.mf).

  4. The Tcl/Tk script dvedit. This is the editor.


This version of dvedit is converted from version 1.4 of a text editor bwedit written by me for editing Bengali text files. Look at the documentation of bwedit for more information about the editor bwedit (and hence about dvedit).

Since neither Hindi nor Marathi nor Sanskrit is my mother tongue, some errors and omisions might be present in the software. Please let me know if you find any. The version of the METAFONT file (dvng10.mf) with which I worked might have been replaced by newer versions. If you find incompatibility with your version of dvng10.mf, tell me.

I am grateful to Athale Rahul Ramesh for many helpful suggestions and for removing my confusions regarding the Devnagari alphabet. It's because of his inspiration that this editor came into existence.

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© 1998 by Abhijit Das (abhij@csa.iisc.ernet.in). Permission is hereby granted to use and distribute dvedit free of charge for personal and academic uses, as long as the original author gets credit and this copyright notice remains intact. Use of this software for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

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