Alright IE5 has come out, I installed it and it sucks as usual... Do you realize how long Outlook Express takes to start up???? But I really can't write anything about it because I'm too busy with other, more important things. You can often find me on EFNet, just have to figure out my nick. Anyway, I'd like to say that I still think IE blows the big one and I retain all that I've said about IE since June 1997, hehe. Oh what did I say by the way, wanna find out? The old site is still on Geocities. Just click here. Another thing, the Rocketmail address doesn't work any more, so don't try to email me. I don't check the guestbook any more so don't sign it. I bolded some of these words because some people are not paying any attention! The links, except the "home" button still work. But I'd like to thank Yahoo and Excite for featuring my site and the 2,000,000+ visitors to my site since 1997 (too bad the Geocities counter can't count that high)

I've also put up a "fun" new section, depending on your defination of fun. Check out my collection of vintage browsers -- the earliest versions of Mosaic and Netscape. They're hard to find (since Netscape's FTP doesn't carry them, not even on their archive FTP site) so if you're looking for weird stuff to get here it is. Oh BTW, remember GNN? An ISP taken over by AOL in '94 or '95, well, there's another weird setup disk that I have. I also have IE 2.0, but who wants that?!


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