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Have you ever been really bored and wanted something to do? Well, When that happens to me, I program. Whatever comes out is usually a mystery to me. Last time that happened, The IM Manager got a MP3 Player built into it. Well, this time, I computerized Yahtzee.

As you can see by the screen shot, it looks like a yahtzee scorecard with dice added to it. Gameplay is simple. Click roll, And if you want to reroll dice, click the little box above the ones you want to reroll and click roll again. It will limit you to three rolls per turn. What you can score on will turn yellow on the scorecard. If you can't score on anything, Click on the item you wish to zero out. (the "00"s) I haven't programmed it to detect when the game is over, but you can just click ? > New Game to start a new game. Before you email me telling me that the dice you rolled aren't the ones you wanted to reroll, take this little test. Say you rolled 12345. You highlighted the 5 and the 4 and now you have 11233. The dice will always be in ascending order. You still have the 123... but now you have an extra 1 and 3.

Download: (1.35 Meg) (252 KB)



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