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Need financial calculations software? "FINCALC" by JDP Software was designed to help with your personal financial calculation needs.   FINCALC acts like a mortgage calculator, loan calculator, investment calculator, and retirement calculator all in one program.  FINCALC helps with financial planning by offering financial calculations related to investments and lending that transcend the typical mortgage calculator or financial planning application.   This is because FINCALC optionally calculates four types of insurance, miscellaneous fees and charges, and real estate taxes on loan payments and amortization schedules.  The investment portion of the program tracks stocks and mutual fund investments and provides up-to-date yield and profitability information at a glance.  If you want to compare the cost of various loan terms, FINCALC can do this effortlessly by capturing you loan calculation data in a loan portfolio database.  Financial calculations related to retirement planning and investment annuities are part of the program.  If for example you need to know the time value of withdrawals given a starting balance, or the amount of money your investment will be worth given a period of time, APR, compounding, and recurring deposit amount, FINCALC will make these calculations easy for you.  FINCALC's financial calculations are extremely helpful for retailing businesses.  As an example, you can quickly determine the markup percent , or the cost of an item given the price and markup percent, or the price given a markup percent and cost.  FINCALC has been sold to gift shops, lawyers, bankers, insurance agents, real estate agents, finance companies, car dealers, and retailing companies.  It makes no difference whether you are a business or an individual, you can still benefit from using the program.  If you are involved in analyzing, acquiring, or recommending investments and lending instruments, you can benefit from using FINCALC. The purpose of this website is to promote and support this shareware offering. Resources are provided at this location to help you resolve problems, report bugs, download a demo, and suggest improvements.

Version 6.0 is here !

Enhancements to Financial Calculations in Version 6.0

Windows XP compatibility.
An investment tracking subsystem for investment profitability tracking.
What-if profitability calculations for investment forecasting.
Investment account revaluation with the click of a button.
Composite yield summary analysis for all investments with the click of a button.
Investment database backup and restore from a menu selection.
A redesigned and improved help file.
Loan calculations include finance charge, APR, scheduled payment, number of payments, loan payoff, loan payout, etc.
New interest calculations for fixed principal loans, principal only loans, and rule of 78 loans were added.
A loan payoff function was added that includes proration for insurance and taxes.  Odd days interest, loan fees, and down payments are included in payoff calculations.  Payoffs are figured from the current date to a specified payoff date, using the interest calculation method you want.
APR calculations support a three digit decimal display.

To learn more about Fincalc, click on a link below.

Financial calculations FAQ's

Financial calculations screenshots

       For additional information contact:

Joe Piedimonte
3609 S. 10th Street Ct.
Blue Springs, Missouri 64015

FAX phone: (816) 224-3517


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