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Welcome to Bon's CGI Freebies, a compilation of the web's BEST and FREE CGI scripts and programs! Here you'll find free CGI scripts ranging from ad rotation software, counters, form-to-email handlers, to message boards, guestbooks, feedback programs, and MORE! And remember, all scripts listed here are not only FREE, but actually work. I've personally installed and tested most of the below scripts on my personal server, and find them to be the best in it's kind. So what are you waiting for? Let your site be all that it can be with Bon's CGI Freebies!

Credits: Thanks to Dynamic Drive for the cool "document crosshair" effect you're currently seeing.

CGI Categories
Ad rotation software Updated
Serve ads on your site using these scripts. Track the number of banner displays, clicks, and more.

Clocks and Time
These scripts display the current time/ date in various styles.

Mailing Lists
Keep in touch with your visitors by adding a mailing list to your site.

Password protecting
Password protect your files/ directories, and keep out unwanted visitors.

Link redirection
These scripts act as link redirectors using a variaty of ways- drop down menus, images, text links etc.

Shopping carts
Use these shopping cart scripts to allow your visitors to shop at your site.

Surveys and polls
You've seen them on sports and news sites. A live poll, that is. Now, add one to your site!

Click here for form processing scripts, such as form-email handlers, form validation etc.

Everything and anything else...

Hit counters and trackers
Add a counter to your site. Or, if you want to go further, add a tracker, and monitor every move of your visitors.

Auctions are the latest hit on the net...add one to your site!

Message forums
Add interactivity to your site with these message forum programs.

Post cards
Allow your visitors to sent post cards to their love ones directly with these programs.

These scripts manipulate images, such as random images, image slideshows etc.

Add search capabilities to your site, whether internal or external.

Random text, dynamic text, quote of the day etc...

Let your visitors leave their mark on your site with these guestbook scripts!

Free JavaScriptsleave-bon.gif (881 bytes)
I get many mails asking where to find free JavaScripts for their site. Try this great resource...

Other stuff

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