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NOTE: All of the programs below are DOS-based and were written by me.
Data2Binary v1.0 ------ A freeware utilty that creates binary files for help screens, etc.
DE [Disk Editor] v3.0 -- A freeware disk editor for 12 and 16-bit FAT drives. Is very powerful!
Edit Enviroment v1.0 --- A freeware, full-screen Enviroment Variable editor.
Games Menu v1.0 ----- A freeware menu and shell utility for games, utilities, or whatever.
Interrupt Monitor ------ A freeware TSR utility, with uninstall. Includes full source code.
List Device v2.0 ------- A freeware utility that lists the Device Driver Chain. Includes source code.
List IVT v2.0 ---------- A freeware utility that shows the addresses and a description of each INT.
Memory Spy v1.0 ----- A freeware utility that lets you peek and poke around in memory.
Printer Menu v1.0 ----- A freeware printer command utility for dot-matrix printers.
Sector to File v1.0 ---- A freeware utility that lets you copy absolute sectors to a file or printer.
Test Attribute v1.0 ---- A freeware utility for seeing what the different character attributes are.

Mouse click here for directory of viewable and downloadable code.

Links to Shareware and Freeware sites on the Web.

CNet Downloads... A huge archive of programs.
Executive Software International... Offers payware, shareware, and scaled-down freeware versions of some powerful hard disk management and server appliance utilities (Diskeeper, DiskAlert, SiteKeeper, Undelete, etc.).
Flashback Abandonware... A large collection of old software.
GeoCities Computers and Technology: ... Software Avenue.
MASM 6.15 available... See how to obtain it for free.
Metropoli... Many programs for HP48, DOS, OS/2, Windows, and Linux.

Links to Computer Help sites on the Web.

Annoyances.org... Technical tips and discussion forums for all Windows platforms.
BabelFish... Translate to/from English to French, German, Italian, Portugese, or Spanish..... Enter just a URL and it will translate an entire web page!
Basic and Advanced HTML... Help pages on HTML and many links of the same.
Building, Upgrading, and Repairing PCs... 2 On-Line books and a tech FAQs area.
Cool Nerds... Geared toward Web Authors and HTML novices alike.
The Easter Egg Archive... Find out about hidden Easter Eggs galore.
FCC ID# Search... Find who really made that card! The first 3 characters are the prefix.
Filename Extensions... The File Extensions Source.
Filename Extensions... The File Extensions Source.
GameZone Online... Reviews, hints, patches, manufacturer links, etc., for PC games.
MS-DOS Command Index... Syntax's of the MS-DOS commands.
MS-DOS Command Index... An On-Line book of the syntax's of the MS-DOS commands.
Tech Advice... Technical advice for hardware, software, you name it.
Version Tracker... Keep up with software upgrades for Apple/Mac and Windows.
Windows NT Resource Center... Includes downloads, discussion forum, and more.

Links to Discussion Board sites on the Web.

Annoyances.org... Discussion forums for all Windows platforms.
The Driver Zone... Can't find a driver? Browse the board or post a request.
Programmers' Heaven... A forum for just about every programming language.
VirtualDr Support Forum... Q&A Forums for EVERY type of OS. Registration is free.

Links to Programming Related sites on the Web.

emu8086... 8086 assembler and emulator for the Windows platform.
Metropoli... Assembler, Basic, C/C++, Pascal, VB.
Microsoft Developers Network... Registration is free. Tons of programming information!
The Pascal + Delphi Page... Programming tutors, examples, downloads, and related links.
Paul Hsieh's Page... Tutors and links for Assembler and C/C++.
Programmers' Heaven... Code, programs, and messageboards for most all programming languages!
Ralph Browns' Interrupt List... The most definitive list of Interrupts that exists. Its' free!
Online HTML of the above... Access, search, print-out portions, etc. of RBIL online!
Toby Opferman.net... Assembler, C++, and links to other programming Web Sites.
The WEBster Assembly Language Gateway... Randall Hyde's Assembly Language Page.
x86 Processor Information... Completely at the chip level! Includes discussion forum.

Links to Microsoft DOS version updates, patches, etc. sites on the Web.

Search Box... Search Microsoft's archives.
Select by Operating System... Windows automatic update search.
Hardware Compatibility List... A compilation of computers and computer hardware devices that have been extensively tested with the Windows operating systems.
The below are the FTP sites (very fast and no cookies!)...

Just follow the folders. Covers MSDOS, Win 3.x, and Win 95.

Links of Shareware Upload sites on the Web.

BTSoftware... Dutch company that will distribute your shareware in Europe, for a modest commission. They collect the monies in their currency and then wire transfer, in US funds, your take on a monthly basis.
Hot Uploads... A link page of over 100 US and international freeware/shareware upload sites!

Links to Miscellaneous sites on the Web.

Prolix... A FREE Windows (3.1 and 95/NT versions) text editor! Is a self-contained program (no .DLLs', etc.). Edit files up to 16MB in size and more!

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Here is a HELP PAGE for those pesky Device Drivers.

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