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*My name is Jimmy but throughout this page I am known as "Smashedup"

OK I have an update 10/14/98.I finally got the pictures of my truck "the one I wrecked" back from that sorry lawyer that did not do anything for me but give me a splitting headache.I will post them on a page by themself with some detail of what happened.

*I was in a serious auto accident in August 1997.The accident has left me paralyzed and in a wheelchair.I never gave it much thought before what it really meant to be paralyzed.The one thing I can say about this experiance is that it has given me a total different outlook on life.It is hard at times to try to do things I was able to do when I had the use of my legs.I find that I get upset or angry when I can't do things as quickly as before.Everyday has been a challenge to some degree.I have never been to good in the field of patience but belive me it is getting better since I can't go or do as fast as I used to.I have been given the best partner in life my loving wife Andrea.She has been very strong throughout this period in our lives and I am and will be forever greatfull to her.I also have three very lovely children that give me the inspiration and desire to fight harder each and everyday.I can not leave out the rest of my family and my closest friends.They too have been strong and a great help throughout this time.*




*This page is dedicated to those of us who have had the misfortune of something drastic happening in our lives.May we make the best of the things that have made us choose a different path in our lives.*


*The Martian*

*We live in a strange world,one full of crime,greed,and insanity.We live as little pilgrims trying to make something of our miserable lives.Then before you know it the whole DAMN thing comes crashing down around us.We look to the skys for answers but at times it seems there is no hope.Some of us crawl back to our holes to bleed while the rest of us crazy people keep fighting to no end to then only realize it was only one sick and demented dream.*

*Some people might think this is a bit graphic or alittle strange,but if you take into consideration the misfortune that has came into my life you might be able to realize what this paragraph is trying to say.Do to the fact that I am now sitting in a wheelchair.Please take time to read and look over my page.I have some pictures of me before the accident and after.I also have some pictures of my wife,kids,family and friends.Please take time to sign my guestbook and view my guestbook to see what others have thought about my page.*

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