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Highlights of Abiko Quarterly #18 (winter)

Joycean Whispers

James Joyce Parlour News

"Maximal Joyce is a State of Beckett" by Friedhelm Rathjen

"Pinning the Tales of the Donkey in Finnegans Wake" by Robert Bierman

"Experiments in FW" by Mahan,

"But, Before Finnegan Wakes, An Interpretative Drama" by Brett Weaver

"Reference as Feminine Pleasure in Finnegans Wake" by Aida Yared

"Fear of Joyce" by Petter C. St. M. Griffin


The poetry section consists of the results of the Poetry Contest. The judge was Stephen Malone

First prize: "Material" by Loiuse Kennelly

Second Prize: "Blue Horses" by Christine J. Lee

Third Prize: "Rain" by Elizabeth Hawkins

Honorable mentions: "Anjou Pear" by Harry Waitzmann, "Moments" by Ruth Daigon, "For My Khmer Brothers and Sisters" by Ken McCullough, "Economy on the Surface of Things" by Malinda Markham, "Jose Luis" by Louise Kennelly


The fiction section for this issue consists of the winners of the Tsujinaka Fiction Award Contest. Due to limited space, this issue contains only the top four stories.

First Prize: "Sandy" by Laura Foreman

Second Prize: "The Kotani Sisters" by R.N. Friedland

Third Prize: "One-Armed Yattsu" by Michael Hoffman

Fourth Prize: "Buns" by Bob Ellenburg

Honorable Mentions: "Perfection" by Tom Williams,

"Night of Glass" by Tessa McGovern,

"Yiddishkeit Memories 1921" by Ben Wilensky,

"Letting Go" by D.L. Nelson

Reader's Whispers

Book Reviews

Poetry Reviews

"Unconquered by the Rain" by Kenji Miyazawa, translated by HCE

Shespak Letters publication Announcement

Welks Walk Review Announcement

Reader's Workshop

As reviewed by the Winnipeg Press.

"Growing up in Canada" by She the Penwoman. A Canadian woman's epic journey through life.

Who is growing up in Canada?

To order a copy of the new Abiko Quarterly (Winter, #18)

Stock of the new quarterly is limited so please order quickly. We do, however, currently still have some issues.

The Abiko Quarterly is 380 pages (6X8 inches) and costs 35 US dollars outside of Japan. In Japan, it is 2500 Yen.

To order the AQ directly, contact <alp@db3.so-net.ne.jp>

or through our distributor <serials@jptco.co.jp>

Abiko Quarterly #19 (next issue)

We will have a Joyce FW paper on the fishing allusions in FW and a paper on the Polish in FW with a lexicon of polish words. Plus a much in demand, new outline of FW.

Also included will be more of the high-quality fiction and poetry that people expect from the Abiko Quarterly, Book Reviews, and another section of the epic "Growing up in Canada."

to reserve Issue #19

contact <alp@db3.so-net.ne.jp>


The Abiko Quarterly


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4 FREE COLOR COPIES OF LUCIA JOYCE LETTRINES from a Great Literary Journal, The Abiko Quarterly with James Joyce Finnegans Wake Studies. "Over the years the Abiko Quarterly has evolved into one of the most substantial creative offerings in Japan. --The Japan Times.

In the Abiko Quarterly you can expect the best: For example: Jesse Glass, Morgan Gibson, Cid Corman, Edith Shiffert, John Cross, and the list goes on and on and on.

You can also expect the unexpected. Read Reader's Workshop by Laurel Sicks aka Kate the Slops, etc., etc., etc. As our readers have come to expect, the Abiko Quarterly with JJ FW Studies offers you a lot and I'll send you 4 free color copies of Lucia Joyce's lettrines to prove it.

The Abiko Quarterly is known for it's diversity -- there's always something for everyone. Nothing lies outside its brief.

Works are as varied as the writers themselves. When you open the pages of The Abiko Quarterly, you can expect nothing but the unexpected. Some of our writers concentrate on beauty, and some of the writing, of course, is itself beautiful.

There will be some excerpts from a handful of poems and short stories, essays and reviews recently published in the Abiko Quarterly. I allow the writers unprecedented freedom.

The Abiko Quarterly provides a unique forum to air considered views, to probe prejudices and give vent to pet peeves.

Each issue of the Abiko Quarterly gives you today's best literary work, an open but not an empty mind, a guarantee of fine but not pretentious writing -- and more than the occasionl burst of merriment & weirdness. You may not always agree with its writers, but the Abiko Quarterly guarantees you will be provoked and stimulated. To back this guarantee, we offer you the 4 Lucia Joyce lettrines along with a trial subscription of 4 issues. Treat yourself to an unexpected pleasure with our gift of 4 Lucia Joyce Lettrines.

The Abiko Quarterly is a publication of the James Joyce Parlour Japan. Membership is $200 American dollars. Supscription to the Abiko Quarterly is $150 American dollars with the free gift. Personal checks are acceptable made payable to the Abiko Quarterly. Order this collector's item now!

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Tatsuo Hamada

Poetry and Fiction Editor,

Director of The James Joyce Parlour Japan

& Laurel Eileen Willis Sicks

Editor & Publisher

Founder & Curator, James Joyce Parlour Japan

Contacting the James Joyce Parlor or Laurel Sicks

The James Joyce

Parlour Japan

Joyce relaxing during a photo session with Gise Freund in 1938.

. . . verdant readyrainroof belongahim Exuber High Ober King Leary very dead, what he wish to say, spit of superexuberabundancy plenty laurel leaves, 612.05 FW

The James Joyce Parlour Japan wants to keep alive the memory and works of the Irish writer James Joyce for the literary world and above all bring Joyce to Japan. Joyce never visited Japan, but he wrote Ainu and Japanese in Finnegans Wake, so I guess that gives us a claim to him here in Japan.

Established on the 10th May 1988, the Parlour has premises at Namiki Slum, 8-1-7 Namiki, Abiko, Chiba 270-1165 Japan. We have two rooms, one housing an extensive Joyce library. It is a brisk 10 minute walk from Abiko Station's left exit. Walk straight along the railway line and come to a big hill and walk until you see a yellow canopied building called Yamaroku Shoten in hiragana and kanji. The Parlour is a few seconds away. Ask someone in the neighbourhood. See below for map

Publications: The James Joyce Parlour Japan mainly publishes the Abiko Quarterly. Other publications include;

no shit by Cid Corman

Poetry by Tatsuo Hamada in Japanese

The Shespak Letters by Peter Stambler

Sacred Fool

Works of Kenji Miyazawa, translated by Tatsuo Hamada

Opportunities for residency at the James Joyce Parlour Japan

We invite scholars to come to Japan and do research. We can set you up in a rabbit hutch for $300 American dollars a month. Tokyo is only 30 minutes away by train and the open countryside is just outside your doorstep. For information

Prehistory: We have no relics of Joyce or Dublin, but would be interested in receiving something interesting, something like the door on 7 Eccels Street, something valuable would be appreciated.

James Joyce Parlour Pub: One of the rooms in the James Joyce Parlour is set aside for people to play or to have a drink. We have bottles you can buy and leave with us (Japanese style) and next time you come we'll charge you an arm and a leg for ice and water, like the Japanese mama-sans do. If you have a favourite bottle give us a call and we'll buy it for you before you come

Laurel Sicks's Collection: ALP has a collection of Joycean reference books, with the weight of the collection being reference books on Finnegans Wake, including Pomes Penyeach published by Shakespeare and Company, Credences, A Journal of Twentieth Century Poetry and Poetics. Cover: Portrait of Joyce by Lucia Joyce. The Mime of Mick, Nick and the Maggies, a fragment from Work in Progress, The Hague, 1934. This was limited to 1000 copies with a dust-jacket design by Lucia Joyce and, I believe, highlighted in silver by her. The Initial Letter, Tail-Piece and Cover were specially designed by Lucia Joyce. "STORIELLA AS SHE IS SYUNG" This book comprises the opening and closing pages of Part II: Section II of "Work in Progress." The illuminated capital letter at the beginning is the work of Lucia Joyce, the author's daughter. We have "A Bouquet of Blooms:" ten woodcuts on the Nighttown section of Joyce's Ulysses by Julien Alberts. Dr. Tatsuo Hamada has an equally large collection which are mostly general Joyce books. We have a large video library of movies and literary works. Non-Joyceans are welcome to hangout. for more information about ALP's collection click here

Board of Trustees:

By 8 the Board of Trustees consists of Dr. Tatsuo Hamada, Professor of Animal Nutrition at Tokyo Agricultural University. Laurel Sicks who is the curator. Honorary Members are Dr. Tsujinaka, Toshiko Kikawa, Joan Peternel, Hans Albanese, and Nina Kaizu.


By April 1998 the funds in the red amount to $25,000. Dr. Tsujinaka sponsors the annual fiction contest. Dr. Tatsuo Hamada sponsors the Thelma & Charlie Willis Memorial Poetry Contest We really could do with funds to sponsor a Finnegans Wake essay (on any aspect of it.)

Fund Raising:

If you interested in having an event to raise funds for us please contact us at 0471-84-5873. Alex Shishin of Kobe suggested a rock concert.


The Parlour endevours to be more than just a library or a museum, a store of objects. It promotes research, interaction, and a lively exchange of ideas and hopes to stimulate new readers of Joyce. It does not consider Joyce the exclusive property of academics but emphasizes Joyce's relevance as a fascinating, human, appealing, and comic writer, by no means as inaccessible as popular opinion tends to believe. In a manner of a catalyst, the Parlour aims at making things happen that otherwise would not-- on every level.

The Parlour publishes the Abiko Quarterly, an 800 page literary journal and sponsors contests in poetry, fiction and FW essays on any aspect of that book.

Reading Groups:

A regular weekly reading group engages in unhurried, close reading of Finnegans Wake. Every Sunday of each month from 4:00 pm to the wee hours a devoted band of readers from all walks of life subjects a small passage of Finnegans Wake to scrutiny and animated discussion: lots of fun at Finnegans Wake. Everybody is welcome to join this reading group.

We would like to offer an introductory course on FW under the aegis of some university. Ask your university about it!

Informal Gatherings: Anyone is welcome at any time!

Guest Seminar: The Parlour is open for guest seminars: for lecturers and students who want to continue and intensify their work in the Parlours's archive. A guest has been Darko Suvan from McGill University, Canada. Phyllis Hoge Thompson spent a month at the James Joyce Palour Japan as its first poet-in-residence from October 22 to November 23, 1998.

Visitors: People visit the Parlour. Of course, it is open to anybody who is interested in learning something about Joyce and who wants to look around and browse. The Parlour is used for all sorts of enquires and queries, and it is - not least of all - a first instance for people with a general interest in things Irish. The number of visitors is not enough. Fritz Senn visited for a few hours in June 1998 on the 30th.

Guest Lectures and Events:

We are planning an open mike for poetry and fiction reading in the future.

Events are not limited to literary studies. We have parties for Abikoites and they enjoy our general video library and our Harvard Classics.


We have an informal writer's workshop on Friday nights at the Parlour. Presently, those attending are only Hans Albanese, Tom Swift, Melaine McKenzie, and Andrew Miller. Please join us. For more information see below

Scholarship: We want the office of the Mayor of Abiko to offer a James Joyce Parlour Scholarship. It would enable bona fide researchers to spend about six months at the Parlour's research centre in order to execute and (within reasonable time) complete a project that will be deemed worthy by a jury consisting of members of the Board of Trustees and the Director. The scholar would be expected to participate actively in the Parlour's concerns and events.


Cataloguing: The systematic organization of the library is a major task. We need a volunteer librarian to catalogue our books and index them.

Wanted: All books and documents Joyce is known to have used. The Parlour wants to keep in touch with universities, above all the James Joyce Foundation Zurich, but also with the Joyce societies and reading groups in universities.

BECOME A FRIEND OF THE JAMES JOYCE PARLOUR JAPAN Membership $200 American Dollars (includes subscription to the AQ for a year or 4 issues and colour prints of all of Lucia Joyce's artwork.


James Joyce Links:

(seeking more Joyce Links)

A BIG Joyce Page

Joyce and the Invention of Irish History

Vico and Joyce

Joyce Center Homepage

Joyce Trivia--interesting

A good Joyce page with essays and information

Site with a lot of critique links

Temple University Joyce Page, some criticism

Joyce Reading Finnegan's Wake

A good Joyce Page

Joyce Ulysses Page

Ireland/Joyce Page

Online Text: Dubliners

Online Text: Ulysses

Online Text: Portait of the Artist

Lectures and Critical Writings by Joyce

Abiko or Japan links:

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Area links

Bird Museum

Matsuo Basho-Haiku

General Japan

Writing Links:

1001 Writing Articles--good!

Other Resources:

Movie List of Available works

One Hundred Poems by Richard Bear

Seeking a publisher and translator!!!

The Abiko Quarterly Writers Workshop

The Abiko Quarterly Writers Workshop is at the James Joyce Parlor every Friday night at 7PM. Anyone is welcome to bring his or her work or just come along to meet other writers and to join in the discussion. Works include anything: fiction, non-fiction, genre, poetry, short prose--anything of the written or spoken word that a person wishes to share with his fellows.

We generally have four to five people attending.

Everyone from amateurs to professionals is welcome.

The workshop is free. Coffee is free. There is a minimal charge for beer and liquor, obtained at cost thanks to the AQ.

Though we have only a limited relationship with the AQ, there is a still a chance for being published in the AQ if the editor, who sometimes takes part in the workshop, takes a liking to a particular story.

For more information see below

The James Joyce Parlor

and its publication the Abiko Quarterly

Laurel Eileen Willis Sicks

Editor & Publisher

Founder & Curator, James Joyce Parlour Japan

phone/fax 0471-84-7904


AQ Writers Workshop

(or about this web page)

Hans Albanese

phone/fax: 0471-63-9902

portable phone 080-102-7049

E-mail: <hansfumi@allnet.ne.jp>