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Hey there! Glad you stopped by. My name is Adrian, and I'm very happy to have you view my pages. Some people around the web know me as Tigerlily, since tigerlilies are one of my favorite flowers. In some places you'll see my name listed as Adrian, and others as Tigerlily. Don't get confused. =) Just look around my guestbook, and tell me what you think about them in the guestbook below. If you find anything copyrighted, please let me know so I can give the proper credit. I think that's enough of the introduction, now go enjoy yourself.

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    About Me
    A joke all about me.

    My Gift to You
    My Gift to You!

    Missing Children and Child Safety
    Missing Children and Child Safety

    Drunk Driving
    Drunk Driving..please read

    Paradise is Lost! Please go find him!
    Go on a treasure hunt and win an award

    View a bunch of Webrings!

    Elizabethan Drama
    Elizabethan Drama Paper

    Win my Award
    Take your best shot and apply today!

    Friends Pages and Good Links

    Fairy Collection

    Moving into Geocities
    Help in Moving into Geocities

    POW/MIA...a good cause

    Color Table
    Color Table full of Color

    My Gifts
    Gifts Given to Me

    My Awards
    My Awards =)

    My Hunted Awards
    Hunted Awards...lotsa fun

    Affiliations and Causes
    Good Causes and Memberships

    Link up!
    Put my Banner on your Homepage

    The Footprints Story

    Rainbow Connection
    Rainbow Connection

    Nothing Gold Can Stay
    Stay Gold

Beautiful Site Award
This Award is very special because it can't be applied for, and I was the first person to receive it! =) Thank you so much, Tina! To visit other awards given to me, click here

Remember the Real Titanic Survivors

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