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Hi my name is Anas Jzayrli I was born in Damascus, Syria I'm a student at
      ITT Technical Institute in San Diego majoring in Hospitality Management I'll
       be graduating in March 1999
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    Syria on The Net
    Syria Interactive


    Comic &Cartoon   
    The Adventures Of TinTin
    Asterix & Obelix
    Lucky Luke
    Suske & Wiske


    Jet Fighters                               fr flag
    Eurofighter 2000


    My Arabic Site
    Arabic Search Engines


    Gibran Kalil Gibran
    M. Darwish coming soon
   Nizar Qabbaini coming soon

    Israel's Massacres
Israel, the symbol of world terrorism and occupation, has employed
   different strategies of killing innocent Arab civilians for many decades,
  including its persistent assassinations, destruction and demolishment of
  properties and infrastructure, aggressions and indefinite detentions.


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