Our Environmental Center


This is our Environmental Center. We are very

proud of all the gardens and homes for wildlife. 

          We enjoy working in the gardens and watching everything grow. 



This is our pond.  We have many koi that live there. We often eat our lunch outside and enjoy watching the fish.  In the spring we have lots of frogs and we enjoy watching the development of the tadpoles.





Click here to create your own pond! (online activity)

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Environmental Activities:

These are some activities I have created to use in your classroomEach month I will try to bring you activities you can do with children which are related to gardening and environmental science.  I will also include recipes and craft ideas dealing with gardening.


Play Gardening Concentration Online!

St. Patrick's Day Gardening Ideas

The Good Earth Tellers - a unit on Environmental Storytelling

Create a Pond - Online Activity

Feeding the Birds this Winter

From Egg to Chick:  Hatching chicks in the classroom and activities with eggs

Ladybug Science

All About Snails

Schoolyard Safari - Discovering Nature in Your Schoolyard


Grow A Plant Person:

These are really neat!  First, take a nylon stocking, pour grass seeds in, add soil and then tie off the end with a rubber band. Then you can glue on facial features, and in a couple of days, grass will start to grow on the "head."  When the grass grows, students can cut it, make pony tails, and even name their plant person.


Make a Bug Sucker

You take a film canister - the clear ones work better so you can see your little prisoner on the inside when you catch one - hole-punch two sides of it, put medical gauze over the outside of one hole, take two strips of aquarium tubing and poke them in the holes. Use clay to seal the holes around the tubing. Now you can suck on the tube with the gauze and use the end of the other to vacuum up insects for collecting. 

You can also make a bug sucker using straws:

Two holes are punched in the top of the film canister.  A plastic straw with a bit of nylon is poked through one hole which lets you suck in air without bugs. A bent straw is poked through the other hole and is directed at an ant, gnat, or other small bug.

Environmental and Gardening Links:

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Air Quality Lesson Plans

America Recycles Day

Bat Conservation International

Biological and Life Sciences Lesson Plans

Birds: Our Environmental Indicators

Branching Out

The Bug Club Homepage

Bugs Aren't All Bad


Eastern Timber Wolf Unit

Earth Day Project 

Earth Home Page

Earth Sciences Lesson Plans

Ecology for Elementary School Students

Environmental Education Network

Green Teacher Homepage

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Lesson Plans

Natural History Lesson Plans

Okefenokee Joe
Partners for Growing Planet 

Plug Your Classroom into the Environment!

Sierra Club

Whales: A Thematic Web Unit

Endangered! Exploring a World at Risk

Ranger Rick

Your Big Backyard

Creating a Butterfly Garden with Children

Gardening for Kids

School Gardens

  this is the best site I've seen with information on how to start your own school gardens

Planting Guide

kinderGARDEN Garden Activities

I Can Garden Kids Corner

The Great Plant Escape Teacher's Guide


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