Facts and rumours of vaginal strength and vaginal control


>How strong can a vagina be(if *very* exercised)?
>Can a vagina overpower a cock?

>I have never heard of vaginal muscles being able to overpower a cock.

>Is it possible for a woman with a *very* exercised
>vagina to contract so hard that the penis aches?

>If bodies still(no thrusting), is it possible for a woman with strong
>vaginal muscles to contract so hard that the penis aches(i.e. the
>inward pressure from the vaginal walls, not the friction when
>moving, causing the pain)?

>Is it possible for a woman with very strong vaginal muscles, to
>squeeze so hard that the erect penis is compressed/squeezed
>up a little bit(tenth of an inch)?

>Is it possible for an exercised vagina to tighten so hard, that it's
>impossible for a cock to enter, no matter how hard the man is
>thrusting or how much K-Y jelly he applies?

>If part of the cock has already entered(like the glans), is it possible for an
>exercised vagina to contract so tight, that the cock can't penetrate further?

>Can a cock get trapped inside a strong vagina(so it can't move)?

>Is it possible to ripple the vaginal muscles up and down(like a milking hand)?
>Is it possible for women to control more than one muscle inside the vagina?

>Which of the vaginal muscles is the strongest? The one at the opening or the
>ones deeper inside?

>Since the vaginal walls are made of muscles, is it possible to contract them too?
>I.e. not the muscles that surrounds the vagina, but the muscles inside the walls.

>Does the vagina contract from all sides or just from one side?

>If bodies still(no thrusting), can a woman force a man to come, just using
>her vaginal muscles?

>Is it true that some women with strong vaginal muscles can shoot ping pong
>balls and dildos?

>During the male orgasm, when the cock is deep within the vagina, is it possible
>for a woman to squeeze so tight that the sperm can't ejaculate (the tight clamp
>of the vagina trapping the sperm inside the shaft so it can't reach the glans)?

>Do some women have an inherent talent to control their vaginal muscles and
>to build vaginal strength?
>Will two women who has exercised for the same number of years, be equally

>Does the vagina get loose/stretched if a woman has intercourse regularly?

>After having intercourse with a woman who has strong vaginal muscles, the
>cock sometimes get sore. True?

>What is 'vagina dentata'?

>Are asian girls tighter(in general)?

>Do asian women have stronger vaginal muscles?

>Does vagina size increase with body size(a big woman=loose vagina)?

>Do fat/big women have tighter vaginas(because of the mass of the body
>pressing the vaginal walls inwards)?

>Do fat/big women have stronger vaginal muscles(as one of the functions
>of the pelvic floor is to support the internal organs, a heavy body needs a
>strong pelvic floor)?

>Do fat/big women have a weaker vagina(because of the body weight
>straining the pelvic floor muscles)?

>Women who are professional dancers, do they have stronger vaginal muscles?

>Do men have a PC-muscle too?

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"Bill Margold on Lee Carroll. "I discovered her. She is an actress and a
sex star and she deserves every inch of the legend she's created in this
business. I've always wondered what it would be like to fuck either a
washing machine or an octopus, and I think I found both answers in Lee
Caroll. I worked with her in Sexcalibur and the woman did not let go. I
was in mortal terror - it was the dentate vagina syndrome. I felt I'd
never see my dick again. That woman has muscles inside muscles. It's like
taking all of Arnold Schwarzenegger and shoving it in a pussy. She has
muscles you've never even heard of kicking around on your dick - and my
poor nine inches didn't know what was going on." (AFW 5/84)"

More on vaginal control/strength

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Note: The bigger the object inside the vagina the more pressure it will get
when she contracts. I.e. when the vagina contracts, you'll feel a lot more
pressure if you insert four fingers than if you insert a single finger. So, a
vagina can clench harder on a big cock than it can on a small. The point
is - in adult movies, the vagina may look weak/helpless during sex with
a big cock - but it isn't. Its strength increases with the diameter of the
cock. So it's easier to inflict pain, stop a cock from penetrating, etc. if
the cock is big/thick.

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Vaginal power:
-the pressure of the vaginal muscles
-the soft, warm, wet walls that forces the cock to come(sooner or later, it's just a question of time)
-it's ability to stretch to accept and swallow/engulf any cock
-it has a seductive power of attraction that most men can't resist
-the female genitals can give birth

Vaginal walls contracting
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Videos showing women with strong vaginal muscles

Kegel exercises (vaginal strengthening) - will increase the pleasure during intercourse for both partners

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Note: some of the statements on this page are not proved scientifically.

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