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  • MI in Tokeizaka (Japanese)
  • Tokeizaka Today (Japanese)
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  • Kyoko Otonashi
  • Nikaido's Homepage
  • Mitaka's Apartment
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    MI Homepage (Japanese)
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  • Tay Nee Winston
  • Diyu's MI Page
  • Ben Leung
  • Be-Da! Anime
  • Yusaku's MI Page
  • Chee Kan's MI Page
  • MI Homepage (Italian)

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    Welcome to Maison Ikkoku Central! This is where you will find the most comprehensive site listings of the popular anime series Maison Ikkoku by Rumiko Takahashi. If you have a Maison Ikkoku-related homepage, please submit it to me so we can create a central home for this AWESOME anime series.

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