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Now that I've had this page up for a while now, I figured it was about time I actually made it about something in particular! I've decided to dedicate this page to a few of my favorite bands and will just link it to the pages you are viewing right now! I'm also trying to get my pages more organized..I'm kind of getting sick of everything being centered! If you have any tips for me or if you know where I can find some, please mail me at


I'm starting to add more of a musical side to my page so I've started by adding a concert review page.
Check it out!

My Friends Page! Email me at retinyl@hotmail.com if you want to be included!

Send me pics, sayings, etc if you want to as well! And some of you are automatically going on whether you like it or not! hehe

Also, come see my Curious George page!

Read my story that I wrote! It's quite..uhh odd..hehe It has some hidden messages that only a few people will pick up. =)

All about me!

Come visit my other pages I created for my dad's business.


Visit my Bad Religion page.

of my geeky friends have come to see this page! Yeah..you know who you are ;)

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The midi playing is Interstate Lovesong by Stone Temple Pilots..one of my fave bands..=)

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