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Triplemint is a band devoted to dishing out goodness from the Glee Bowl.
Glee Bowl is the style of music we play! In the Glee Bowl you will find a happy mixture of conciousness expanding psychedelia, melodic pop rocks, ginger and allspice, specially blended cheeses, and a hair or two from to cooks' heads.
Don't be put off by the last ingredient; those hairs simply add realism and honesty, bringing us back down to the real world from the plastic T.V. visions which sometimes get stuck in our eyes.
Fun is the bottom line, but don't be fooled; this isn't idiot fun.
Triplemint is leading a revolution against the stupidity craze which seems to be sweeping the nation, and tries to break The Wheel of Stupidity.
With lyrics that don't condescend or babble about nothing, Triplemint rocks the outer regions of Mindspace!
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