and close the door behind you... you weren't born in a tent.

name: riley o'connor
sex: i'm not a guy.
d.o.b. - 11 May, 1971. yes, i have crossed into big3 territory, and life is fine.
height: too short
eyes - two. ha.
hair: hair always looks odd on me. no hair looks even odder.

FAMILY HISTORY: i have an older sister (tara), an older brother (dean), a younger sister (kerry), and 3 younger brothers (iian, steven, peter). phew. i also have parents. surprise! ma lives here in tas., da lives in brisbane (where i'm from originally). i have the best cat in the universe. she's called dion - click here to give her a cyberpat. i did also have another cat, CURVITASH, but she died 31/07/04 at the age of 3. she was a beauty.

a picture of me when i had green hair:

i got my bachelor of arts at the end of '98. i graduated from the university of tasmania, launceston campus. gave up on doing honours. did the coursework, but couldn't be bothered writing the thesis.
currently i'm working at a job i hate so i can go to europe. Breaking news! The trip is on! September 29 to November 1, going to Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland & France (those are the definite countries, more may be involved!)

in my free time i'm a presenter at city park radio , launceston's community radio station. i host "wired" third saturday night of the month (alt/indie music). I'm also on the Management Committee.

i'll be adding more pages as i have time to make them, (on artists i like, and literature), so check back, okay?

assorted stuff
random thoughts

if you like, you can go straight to the laundromat, my pavement page.

some really good links:

go check out my assorted stuff page, for a start...

the ARC website is done by my brother iian.
Poster Children are my cousins' band... check 'em out! (also, click on my music page to see high school photos of rick and jim!
a mystery page...


Ink Blot Zine
Matilda - the Australian Search Engine.
Starting Point
Web Promote

bear with me! i will be working on this on and off...

the wallpaper was created by me, and i like it this way. i won't change it, sorry. still, feel free to mail me with any other comments, crits,

this page last updated: june 17, 05.

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