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New The Stones are rolling again:

On Wednesday September 4:th 2002 the Rolling Stones opened their new "Licks Tour" in Boston USA. Unfortunately I couldn't be there since I live in Europe, but rumour says that they will come to Gothenbourg Sweden on July 22:th 2003. For now I can offer you (as long as it remains on the site) a link to some pictures from the concert (mostly of Mick Jagger) and the set list. For our Swedish speaking readers here's also a link to a review in the paper "Aftonbladet".

Opera House Yes, it is the Opera House in Sydney. In the beginning of 1999 I went on a trip to Australia and travelled by bus around the country. I took lots of pictures and some of them are available in my picture collection from the 1999 trip to Australia.

Since my Swedish Internet provider also is offering free Web-pages to the clients, my Web-site is split into two parts. Here you find my International Pages and in Sweden I have put:

Swedish Erik's Swedish Pages.

My Swedish Pages mostly contains information in Swedish and about Sweden. However I don't have much space left on the Geocities, so all new material will be placed in Sweden. Anything in English with international interest will also have a link from this site.

My International Pages is now completely in English and will concentrate on entertainment: rock'n roll, movies and computer games.

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