*~*Middle Finger Technology*~*

"I'm only as deep as the self that I dig."
~Wrapped In Plastic

Is deaded than dead.
The 'shock'
Is all in your head."

"Because your lies have watered me, I have become the strongest weed."

~ m u s i c. . . .c e n t e r ~

i havent done shit all to this page in like, a year or two..or whatever. but i'll try to get on with it.

~K o R n~

"I bash myself to sleep, what you sow I will reap. I scar myself you see, I wish I wasn't me."

the *me* section

about me
the written part
pictures of me and my friends....the visual part
grab a laugh here. i do have a pretty good sense of humor...though it may not seem like it.=)...i'll get newer funnies in here soon.

"In a way, it was the end of my life also. I feel like I'm dead inside. At least a part of me is dead. He's taken something with him and I'll never have it back, but that's okay, because in a way I will always have a part of him too.
-Chrissy Fraser"

~ t r i b u t e. . . . s e c t i o n ~

a tribute to the best, Shannon Hoon-also contains lots of information on Blind Melon

a tribute to Kurt Cobain...for Krista...(who, by the way, needs to give me her homepage url....

"I make the faces that make you cry..."

~ p o e t r y ~ ~ s t o r i e s ~ ~ d e p r e s s i o n ~
~ l y r i c s ~ ~ m o r b i d. .t h i n g s. .i. .h a v e ~

Scratchings on the wall... More stories in here now!!!
Step into the Poetic Nightmare...
Morbid Stories and things I have collected. Updated all the time...you wouldn't believe the amount of morbid things around...*sick site links are now in here*
do some seances

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Updates coming include:
an anti-suicide page
-in progress- serial killer info
a page of quotes
my bedtime stories for the spookysibs, as soon as i retype them.

see you down in the park...

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1996 e-mail me, dammit.

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picture of Twiggy Ramirez from Grim Jack's Marilyn Manson's Misery Machine
picture of The Rev from Marilyn Manson's Hell, Our Heaven

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