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I created a NEW "TUPAC LIVES"

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Rest In Peace Tupac

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18: 11 Hebrew-"Atah yadati ki-gadol Adonay mikol-ha'elohim ki vadavar asher zadu aleyhem." English-"Now I know that God is the greatest of all deities. Through their very plots, He rose above them."

This is what's new at TUPAC LIVES:

I have created a bigger, better "TUPAC LIVES" page. Just click here.

Go chat with other TUPAC LIVES fans.

A voting page was created. You can now vote for your favorite Tupac album, song, and movie...and see who else likes what the most.

A frames version of my page was created.

The letter Tupac's father wrote to him.

Tupac's last interviews

Find out what really happened the night.

A timeline of Tupac's life.

A timeline of Tupac's death.

Unsloved mysteries had something to say...

Imprtant dates about Tupac's death.

Go shoot Biggie in the head(it's a game...but it's fun).

Link me to your page, and I'll link you to mine.

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MAY 26TH, 1997:

MTV knows who killed Tupac!

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Johan´s Tupac page

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Hustlaz Crib -

2Pac/Makaveli Homepage - Exit 2Pac .... Enter Makaveli

Some Picz Of Tupac

Check Out My Snoop Picz

Or go see both of them in framez.

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