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so, this site is pretty much a relic of my past. but i'm leaving it up because i think the interesting thing about the internet is that you can do websearches and see all the stupid things a person has done and said in their past. so enjoy this bygone era. lolly and i broke up in december of 2001, so the pictures here aren't relevant anymore or anything like that... i now exist at .

This page needs severe updating, which I hope to do soon. Immanentization of the Eschaton. For something mildly interesting, click HERE to see 70% of my CD collection.
I write for a campus humor magazine called "Gracies Dinnertime Theatre" Here is a Book Review. Here is a Response to Reader Mail. And here is...Something Else.

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--PICTURESOFDALAS - Fairly old pics of me

--PICTURESOFLOLLY ANDDALAS - Fairly old pictures of my girlfriend and I


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