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File HYS-150898
Date: August 15, August 25
Place: National Radio, New Zealand

Dave recently recorded material for an NZ National Radio show; "In the first programme, Mr. Dave Dobbyn graces us with his wit and musical expertise. Featuring a band made up of musician friends including Mr. Ian Morris (a founding member - along with Dobbyn - of  Th Dudes) and Ms. Cally Blood who provides backing vocals. The programme features material from Dobbyn's forthcoming album The Islander as well as some of his best loved hits. Recorded in front of an invited audience of 40, the performance was also filmed for television broadcast at a later date." Broadcast: National Radio Saturday 15th August at 1.05pm and Tuesday 25th August at 8.05pm. (NZST).

Simulcast on the WWW in RealAudio from the Radio New Zealand homepage

Use this Time-Converter to convert the two www broadcast times to your local time! NB: NZ has only one time zone.

File HV-300798
Date: 30 July 1998
Place: Havoc, TV2, 10pm

A pre-recorded interview with Dave was shown. Mikey and Newsboy didn't really find out much, other than the 3rd definition of the word "wanker" in the dictionary (foolish person) was the reason he was aquitted during the Queen St riot case. The highlight was a 5 second lead in, showing Mikey teaching Dave to sing Trippin'. Dave will be appearing live on Havoc sometime in August, hopefully to play live in the studio.

File RP270798
Date: 27 July, 1998
Location: Auckland.

The Islander release party was held on Monday 27th of July in Auckland. The story was reported on Holmes that night.

File PM-0798
Date: July, 1998
Location: New Zealand.

The print media onslaught has begun! There is a short interview with Dave in the NZ Listener (August 1-7, 1998)- but it's not up on the Listener website. The August 1998 Metro (On sale July 27) boasts a review of The Islander by Colin Hogg, which is very positive; "It marks a new highpoint in a high old career". Strangely the review uses the album's working title One Proud Minute.

The newly released book by Sally Tagg & Witi Ihimaera, On Top / Down Under, unique photographs of New Zealanders, [ISBN-1-86950-275-2] has a great photo of Dobbyn taken in the Bay of Islands, 1992. The essay by Ihimaera is minimalistic to the extreme. In it's entirety, it reads "pop icon"

File NZM-0698
Date: June, 1998
Location: New Zealand.

Dave is the cover-story artist in the current issue of New Zealand Musician. (60th Issue June / July 1998). The article covers what Dave has been doing these last few years. Dave himself writes an article on Paul Kelly. Find the (free) magazine if you can! Where else will you find Dave Dobbyn's Chicken Soup Recipe?

File EZ-160598
Date: 16 May, 1998
Location: Auckland, NZ.

Dave records Split Enz' Devil You Know for ENZSO II. Dave did the ENZSO recording the day Frank Sinatra died. He said it was a very moving experience for him, singing with a choir on the day one of his musical idols died (he'd heard the news before doing the recording).
"It was one of those moments you remember forever", he said.

File EZ-130598
Date: 12 May, 1998
Location: The Regent, Palmerston North.

Dave performs at a Finnless ENZSO shows along with Annie Crummer, Sam Hunt, Eddie Rayner and Noel Crombie. The show was backed by the Wellington Sinfonia Symphony and the ENZSO Choir with conductor Peter Scholes. Dave was known to sing I See Red, Message to my Girl, Poor Boy, My Mistake & Dirty Creature, plus his own Hallelujah Song, and a cover of the Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows. Also Dave has been booked to lend vocals to the Split Enz song Devil You Know on the forthcoming ENZSO II album.

File SC-0598
Date: May, 1998
Place: Sports Cafe, SKY Sports (Television)

Dave sang Loyal to retiring All-Black captain Sean Fitzpatrick live on the telly. Not a dry eye left in the country. Pushy presenters got the eye from Dave as they talked over the intro of the song. Dave also delivered an amazing monologue about rugby before the song, which appeared to bamboozle everyone in the studio. Not hard to do considering...

File RU-0498
Date: April 1998
Place: New York City

Dave is rumoured to be in New York City finishing up his album with the assistance of one Mitchell Froom.

File TB-032698
Date: March 26, 1998
Place: Tabac Bar, Auckland

Dave was seen and heard on March 26th at the Tabac bar in Auckland. Check out the reviews of the evening reposted from the Ummm mailing list.

File WOM-022898
Date: February 28, 1998
Place: National Radio, New Zealand

Dave appears on Words about Music, NZ NATIONAL RADIO--Recorded at Womad Aotearoa, February 1997--discussing the role of the singer songwriter. Check out the transcript from the Ummm mailing list.

File CFR020998
Date: February 6, 1998
Place: Christchurch Festival of Romance

Who better than Dave to open the Christchurch Festival of Romance, which goes from February 6 through to Valentine's Day. Also performing at the festival... Julio Iglesias!

File LIVE120097
Dave has completed some shows in New Zealand:

December 26 Paihia - The Lighthouse
December 27 Tutukaka - Tutukaka Hotel
December 29 Mt Maunganui - Roadhouse Bar
January 1 Waihi - Waihi Beach Hotel
January 2 Whakatane - George St Bar

File TV12/01/98
Date: December 1, 1997
Place: NZ TV 4's The Drum

Dave played Beside You with Ron Sexmith, the fourth new song to be heard since Twist was released (the other 3 being "The Hallelujah Song", "Be Set Free" and "Standing Outside").

File NR120097
Date: December 1997
Place: NZ National Radio

On a SANZSA program on NZ National Radio in December (recorded earlier in 1997), Dave, Fiona McDonald (Strawpeople/ex Headless Chickens) and Bic Runga talked and played. Dave also talked about being at Bethells Beach with Sam Hunt and how he is contributing to Sam's spoken word album.

File HV120097
Date: December 1997
Place: MTV Havoc

The only part we could understand from a mystery correspondent: "Dave Dobbyn did a Yoda impression. That was so good, and full credit for a great song." You can read his entire review on a Havoc website. Our note: If anyone who may have seen Dave on "Havoc" (NZ MTV) could fill us in on the details (like what song he played!), we'd all be a bit wiser. Contact Jon-Paul. Our second note: We have long thought Dave was the victim of an alien abuction.

File EZ-080997
Date: August 9, 1997
Place: NZ National Radio

Dave's WOMAD slot was broadcast at 12:30pm. Set list will have included some or all of the following: Lap of the Gods, Maybe the Rain, P.C., Loyal, It Dawned on Me, Standing Outside (new song), Whaling and Language.
NOTE: If you have audio proof of this, please email Jon-Paul. This is a matter of international urgency. Anyone who can provide a recording of this will be compensated fittingly.

File EZ-010897
Date: 1 August, 2 August, 8pm, 1997
Location: Nelson Winter Festival. , New Zealand.

Dave performs at these Finnless ENZSO shows along with Annie Crummer, Sam Hunt, Eddie Rayner and Noel Crombie. The show was backed by the Nelson Symphony Orchestra and Winter Festival chorus with conductor Peter Scholes. The set list is unknown.

File EX-170597
Date: May 17, 1997
Place: Powerstation, Auckland, New Zealand.

Dobbyn drops in on the Exponents release party concert for their new album "Better Never than Late". Eddie Rayner (Split Enz / ENZSO) is also on stage for the gig. Dave sings and plays guitar on one number during the encore- a song from his days with th' Dudes "Be Mine Tonight".

File LB-120597
Date: May 12 - 13, 1997
Place: The Lab (studio), Auckland, New Zealand.

At the Tabac Bar rehearsal Dave is overheard saying he will be at the Lab cutting some tracks on Monday (12th) and Tuesday (13th). NOTE: Unsubstantiated information.

File TB-080597
Date: May 8, 1997
Place: Tabac Bar, Queen St, Auckland, New Zealand.

Dave Dobbyn is seen (and heard) rehearsing for a private function at the bar that night and the following (May 9) one. Also at the sound check is Neil Finn, and Dave Gent (The Exponents). Songs heard include Finn singing "Suffer Never", "Only Talking Sense", "Fall at Your Feet" and (Talking Heads') "Road to Nowhere". Dobbyn is heard singing "Poor Boy" and "Lap of the Gods".

File SZ-030597
Date: May 3, 1997
Location: Centra Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand.

A new songwriting association, SANZA , launches itself at Auckland's Centra Hotel between 9 am and noon on May 3. Local singer / songwriters are "Sharing their Songs and Stories". Included are Dave Dobbyn, Bic Runga and Fiona McDonald (Headless Chickens & Strawpeople).

File EB-270397
Date: March 27, 1997
Location: Pioneer Stadium, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Dobbyn plays at the Easter Ball in Christchurch. This is a student event touted as a warm-up for the annual Easter Tournament (this year held at Otago University, Dunedin). Rumour has it the Ball ran a huge loss due to low turnout. Charging Students $67 a ticket could have been a factor.

File EZ-090397
Date: March 9, 1997
Location: Western Springs Park, Auckland, New Zealand.

Dave is spotted as part of the ENZSO ensemble at the Aotearoa WOMAD Pacifica festival. He lends lead vocals to the Split Enz classics "Poor Boy" and "My Mistake".

File DD-100397
Date: March 10, 1997
Location: Western Springs Park, Auckland, New Zealand.

Dave Dobbyn sings and plays with a band during his own 40 minute slot at WOMAD. Set list: Lap of the Gods, Maybe the Rain, P.C., Loyal, It Dawned on Me, Standing Outside (new song), Whaling and Language. Listen to National Radio (NZ) for a broadcast of this set on Saturday 9 August 1997 (12:30 pm)

File TA-220397
Date: March 22, 1997
Location: Te Araroa, East Cape, New Zealand.

Dobbyn lends his talents to a charity gig which was set up to raise funds to rebuild a Marae which burnt down in 1996. Also appearing was Neil Finn (Dobbyn duetted with Finn on "Weather With You", and Finn helped Dobbyn during his set), Annie Crummer and Emma Paki.

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