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"Just Add Water"

Now online, on the official Dave Dobbyn site. Click here to visit the site and listen to the new song.


  • NEW SINGLE ON OFFICIAL WEBSITE: The new Dobbyn single "Just Add Water" is now up on the official website at The song will remain online in its entirety until Dave's new album is launched in early August 2000.  NEW!
  • DD-MAIL: The Dobbyn e-mail discussion list "Umm" has been turned into a swanky new automated one. Click here to go straight to the subscribe page, or here to learn more about the list and its origins.  
  • OVERNIGHT SUCCESS: A new Dobbyn "Best Of" is out!  Sixteen classic tracks plus a a re-recorded "Be Mine Tonight" and a new song, the Beatlesque (think "Abbey Rd" b-side) "Madeleine Avenue". 
  • DOBBYN-101: So, you saw Dave supporting Shawn Mullins in Australia and want to know where to start when it comes to buying his albums? Check out the Beginner's Guide
  • A NEW OUTLOOK: The first single The New Outlook from Dark Tower's upcoming album, samples DD Smash's Outlook For Thurdsay, and features vocals by Dave Dobbyn himself, and he also appears in the video (as a mafioso-type crime boss no less!)
  • PETITION: Don't you think Dave would make a great addition to the cast in the Peter Jackson directed Lord of the Rings trilogy being filmed in NZ presently? Bilbo and Frodo could do with the assistance of the bard hobbit, Dobbo. Jackson wouldn't even need to use expensive computer technology to shrink Dave down to hobbit size! Sign our petition to get Dave on the cast (or at least the soundtrack).
  • PRINT: This Website makes it to NZ newspapers! Read the "Nostradobbyn Article", then enter the Nostradobbyn Contest. The site's NetGuide award also made the NZ Herald & other NZ newspapers in late 1998. The Nostrodobbyn page was the focus of a TV interview on TV1's "Good Morning" in Feb '99.
  • CONTEST: The trivia contest with a difference has closed; You sent me your trivia, you didn't have to answer obscure questions! The entries are up, and I will post the prize to the winner very soon!
  • PRINT: Read the fantastic DD article / interview from the January 1999 North & South magazine. 
  • GREEN-RIBBON: This website supports the Green-Ribbon Campaign to increase local content on NZ radio and TV (and by TV I don't mean crap like April's Angels & shows hosted by Suzanne Paul). NB: These views do not (necessarily) represent those of Dave Dobbyn.

Remember, if it's before Armageddon, then it's not too late to take part in the NOSTRADOBBYN CONTEST!! Hurry! The world could end at any time.

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A very special "Thank-You" goes out to Colleen Matan, for hosting and co-creating / updating "The Belltower" before its transfer to GeoCities. Sadly Colleen has had to hand full control of the site over to me due to her hectic schedule, and lack of proximity to Dave styled goings-on. "The Belltower" looks forward to future articles and contributions from her.

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This site has been approved by Dave Dobbyn and his record company! The (old) URL is even printed in The Islander liner booklet. I have managed to obtain permission to reprint press articles by Chris Bourke, Nick Bollinger, Nicola Legat and Lindsay Mutch on this site. Potentially copyrighted media has been kept to a minimum, and I actively seek permission to upload other peoples photos and files. We're always looking out for new articles and the like, so if you would like to submit anything, please contact me.

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