Apathygrrl: Puttin' the "laughter" back in Manslaughter!

Sphinx's Riddle: The Lair of Apathygrrl, aka Petra Sphinx

The second base of the evil Petra Sphinx

Greetings and Salutations, Apathygrrl here. Yes I am insane and yes I am screwing with you.
I am a Witch, a Webmistress, and a supervisor. Supervisor by day, Webmistress by night, and Witch 24/7. Petra Sphinx is my pagan name. Apathygrrl is my handle. I have tons of other nicknames such as: Crucial Freak, Dessicated Corpse, Mew, Togepi, etc. I delight in committing random acts of insanity.
This isn't the first homepage I've owned. I have another homepage, its my first base and you can find it here. It's nearly identical to this page but I ran out of room there so I created my second base here. I needed the room badly. When I get more time on my hands I will fix this place worthy of being mine. So, lets see... some stuff about me. Well, I'm a gamer geek who loves industrial music and disturbing Giger artwork (as you may be able to tell by my background). Oh, and I'm always "Puttin' the laughter back in Manslaughter!" hehehehehehehe

i e yu i, no bo me no, re n mi ri, yo ju yo go, ha se te ka na e, ku ta ma e

- The Hymn of the Fayth, Final Fantasy X

New stuff:

- I GOT A TATTOO!!!! OMFG!! Don't worry, I will be posting a picture of it as soon as it's healed. ;-)
- Found a fantastic poem thingy about how to love a girl. It's great and it's true. Check it out below.
- Finished Kyoko's history and added it to My Alter Egos page.
- Tons of new rants on My MSN Space.

My pages

Some more info about me, as if you care.
My Alter Egos. A fount of my creativity.
My space on MSN. You really gotta go here and read my rants, I mean blogs. Sooo funny.
Email Jokes! Good for a laugh.
My tiny little Webzine "Perpetual Bubblewrap"
The OFFICIAL Dark Manifest Homepage
Old Rants before I got an MSN Space
My Music Links
My TV and Movie Links
My Miscellaneous Links
My Pit of Despair
The Mount Saint Vincent University Pagan Society's Page
My Pokemon page
My Mom's Best Recipes

This is a picture of my friend Roy Dunphy (left) and my friend Brian Purdy
(right)on opening night of The Phantom Menace. The next day this picture was on
the front page of the newspaper. Roy just happens to look like a young Liam
Neeson and Brian was the best Darth Maul in the theatre.

The Weather in Hell

Morty the Death's Head

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Mail me NOW! crucial_freak@yahoo.com

Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.
"A Smoking section in a restauraunt is like having a peeing section in a pool"
- Dave Broadfoot

K, I love ya, b-bye! :-)
If I don't see you in the future i'll see you in the pasture.
-Petra Sphinx

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