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The Pilot of the Airwaves

Checkered Past

Alumni of Bridgewater State College and it's Very Own Radio Station, 91.5 WBIM in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.
B.A. in History

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I am the One and Only Pilot of the Airwaves. I had the good fortune to host a radio show of 80s music on WBIM 91.5, the radio staion of Bridgewater State College, while I went there. After graduation I worked as an employment specialist in a vocational center for developmentally disabled adults. Unfortunately, the funding for my position was about to be cut off, and the pay wasn't enough to live off of (it was really suited to someone trying to earn a second income but who wasn't a primary bread-winner) so I took the initiative and went back to the private sector. Now I am... take a deep breath... a consultant working on a government contract. My job, just like Hermes Conrad on Futurama, is to nitpick the details. "You are technically correct! That's the best kind of correct!" I've been writing on the side, and hope to get published soon. None of this publising on the web for free stuff for me, I'm going to get paid for it! I hope...

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See my special page on getting better AM radio reception!

See my Weather Page with links to good weather resources and a few do-it-yourself weather forecasting resources!

A Fantastic 9/11 Page!

Click HERE. but be patient, it loads a 7 MB file first before it starts the presentation, so if you have dial-up, perhaps you might try it on another computer with at least DSL or a Cable Modem.

Be Informed!

I believe there is a certain amount of bias in the news media, so in the interest of balancing the news you may read, here are some alternative news sources. Give them a read with an open mind...

And remember one other thing. I'm telling you up front that these are mostly conservative sources of news and commentary. One of the history teachers that I respected back at my high school used to tell his students (and I'm paraphrasing), "I'm telling you this is my opinion, so you know where I'm coming from, and you don't have to agree with me. Some teachers don't tell you that something is an opinion, and let you believe it's the truth instead of an opinion."

So in the interest of balancing what I believe is a bias in the media, here are some other sources to look at:

Conspiracy? Heard it on the Internet? Get the Facts!

There are lots of conspiracy theories floating around out there. The world is confusing and interesting enough without believing strange things. And what about those e-mails you get forwarded to you by a friend that has been forwarded over and over before it reached you that claim this or that happened, or give you warnings about things? Here are some links that debunk some popular conspiracy theories and Internet Urban Myths:

Learn Things!

Ever wonder about how something worked, or why something is the way it is? Here are some educational web sites:

Humor and Fun

The Humor and Fun page is hoplessly out of date, and full of dead links. I'll be re-working this page over time.

Look for Calvin and Hobbes, The Simpsons, Jokes, Gilligan's Island, Lost in Space, Star Trek and Adult Beverages

Serious Things and History

The History Net, Celtic and Irish History, The JFK Assassination, Free Speech, Gangsters

Radio Reception and Resources Page

Tips and info on getting better radio reception, and links to other radio sites, including Ham radio.

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