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     Hello, thanks for visiting my website.   I'm 28 years old, living in 
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.   I'm originally from New Waterford, Cape
Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.   I work for Drifters Casing Service and I 
run power tongs the last 3 years, usually with drilling rigs, and I work
all over Alberta, BC and even in the Northwest Territories.   I studied
percussion at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick.   For musical 
enjoyment, I do enjoy singing and playing guitar, mainly because I've been 
singing my whole life.

     I love karaoke, I'm pretty quiet til you give me a mic.   That's pretty
much where you'll find me, not a big drinker, like the odd drink, but not to
get drunk.    I won't date a drunk, they're not that fun, and it's more
discraceful then I care to barter with.   I don't do drugs or smoke, I don't
choose friends who do drugs.    I can handle my problems on my own and not
need a substance to escape it.    I thought my search for a good woman in
life would be a lot easier.   I used to look for the best, but it's a lot
more difficult to look for a good person, then the best person.   Well I sound
picky but maybe that's why I don't date much.  A little sad basic criteria
is not even being met.    Family life, no drugs, no smoking (I'm asthmatic)
self respect and courteous.    I guess I could go on, but you're getting a 
small picture of me anyway.    Can't date a woman who's bi, huge turnoff.
How can I ever pull off childhood fantasies and be all I can be for a woman.
"Man of your dreams"   Okay I'm not the best, but I try to be a good person.
I'm very reserved for a possible family life to be all I can be for my wife,
kids, and the family I have now.    It frustrates me to no end that I can be 
the nicest person in the world, the richest person in the world, and be drop
dead gorgeous, but that means nothing if I cannot give everything in life that
this woman craves and make all her fantasies come true.    I want to build a
house someday, physically and a loving family, and maybe return 1/10th of the
blessings I got as a child from many wonderful people I grew up around and
have left their legacy with me.   So to sum it up, quantity vs quality.

     So besides the bars for karaoke, I don't tend to go to them unless
there's a kickin band playing, or open jams I'll go with my guitars and
keyboard.   I always support live much.    I joined the church choir in the
last 6 months and play guitar for them, and even flute on one occassion.   I'd
love to get involved in my community more away from work and actually be 

     I try to be a good and helpful person, don't like to be used, or be with
a group of friends just to make up the entourage.   I prefer a one on one
friendship, or relationship, I feel too much like a ghost in crowds.   I'm 
restoring an old Datsun 280ZX 1980, got it painted, but I'm throwing in a
Toyoto Supra driveline, which I'll get triple the horsepower out of it stock,
and then I'll go from there.   Ha  Wasn't sure of a color so I made a webpage
with a bunch of different colored cars I found online.   Ended up going dark 
charcoal grey metallic.  Here's a page of few 280's I found online and you can
decide which color you like: 
--280ZX Photo Gallery--

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