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"Death is not the end. It's the beginning."

"We are not human-beings having a spiritual experience, We are Spiritual-Beings having a human experience."

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Of Americans polled by the Gallup Organization in 1981, 15 percent reported having had a near-death experience. And 42 percent of those polled claimed to have had "contact" with the dead. These statistics and the widespread reports of those who have had some communication from deceased loved ones suggest strongly that some form of human consciousness does survive bodily death.

In exploring these questions, we must keep an open mind. Simply asserting that life after death and communications from the dead are not possible or cannot exist because they cannot be proved scientifically is the critics' weakest response to unexplained phenomena. Every day we live with and depend on countless phenomena that scientists freely admit not being able to understand or explain fully - memory, personality factors, how DNA works, the ability to comprehend ideas by looking at black marks on a page. We live in a world of wonder, and it is naive to conclude that we know or even could comprehend all the mysteries of life, death, and human consciousness.

(From "We Don't Die: George Anderson's Conversations with the Other Side" by Joel Martin & Patricia Romanowski.)

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My Views on Reincarnation

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