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Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary defines Vampire as "the reanimated body of a dead person believed to come from the grave at night and suck the blood of persons asleep." However, this is by no means the last word.

If you ask people to define a Vampire, you get different answers. Most will follow Webster's lead, tempering it with a generous dose of influence from popular fiction and film: a resurrected corpse who is immortal, physically and sexually attractive, sophisticated, nocturnal in habit, and the possessor of great and supernatural powers--and who is evil, of course, because of the need to prey upon humans for blood. Or you will hear that a Vampire is a living human being who drinks blood, or requires blood in order to live, but is not necessarily supernatural or immortal. The fact is, however, that both of these popular definitions have little in common with their source, the "real" Vampire of folklore.

But pinning down the "real" Vampire is not easy either, for the folkloric vampire varies greatly in description, nature, and behavior and goes by many different names, each of which carries a unique connotation. The Vampires of Slavic folklore were variously described as reanimated corpses, spirits of the dead, demons, living human beings with a need for blood, and supernatural humans, werewolf-like creatures, or witches who possessed the power to shape-shift into animals.

Thus, there is no one Vampire that sets the standard by which all other alleged Vampires can be measured and qualified. Consequently, the Vampire is capable of constantly reinventing itself and thrives in many guises in the collective human psyche.

Taken from Chapter 1 of "Vampires Among Us" - by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

I will have different excerpts from this book and from
"The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead" by Gordon Melton.

"Vampires Among Us"   is based on dozens of interviews and accounts, it tells the fascinating stories of men and women who claim to be different kinds of Vampires.   If you like the excerpts you should buy the book, it is definately one to add to your collection.

"The Vampire Book: The Enclyclopedia of the Undead"   is a Must for anyone interested in Vampires! It has information about anything and everything to do with Vampires!!

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