Since the music must be favored by the Queen Mother, we can't include the Fans or some of the really cool bands from the old school.
Fortunately, the Queen Mother appreciated Mike Mills and several other great talents.

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Mike Mills

Mr. Mills is one of the most talented musical geniuses on the planet--the Queen Mother being a major fan. This genius has a band, which you may have heard of: R.E.M.

R.E.M. Link Archive

If you've ever wondered where to find almost every R.E.M. resource on the web.

Other Musical Favorites of the Queen

Unfortunately, the game "Slap a Spice Girl" has disappeared from the ether entirely. But there are other fine music resources you can browse.

Cat Interests

[Stop Kitty Porn: 
Feline Exploitation]
A subject that was dear to our dearly departed Queen Mother.

[Kitty Lick 3: The Shedding]
A game enjoyed by Gidget and Gordo.

Extraneous Stuff

This page looks great with just about damn well everything (unless you listen to everybody's favorite german boy). If you want to know why, check out the principles of friendly web pages.

[Best viewed with any browser] Another page dedicated to the multi-browser platform.

Avoid the Top Ten things that are the basis of a sucky homepage-- available in: Danish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. Complete with the suck-o-meter (G)

So you really like frames?

[S.P.I.T.] --Supporters of Politically Incorrect Topics.

The Black Lung Association An organization made up of minions dedicated to the original black lunged S.O.B., Cigarette Smoking Man.

Protect the 1st Amendment
[Lenny Bruce is not Afraid...]
Learn more about the late, great Lenny Bruce.

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