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Unified Spirits Gift Shop. Gorgeous gifts for every occasion. New items added regularly. Look for some great New Age and Occult items coming soon as well as hand made crafts, bath salts and ritual kits. 

Services Directory
Unified Spirits offers a unique directory of services featuring services and products for Alternative Living.  

That Was My Angel
(one woman's incredible encounter)
"OH my Goodness," I finally managed, "that was my angel!"

The Bell Witch
The character of the Witch was enigmatic. While she tortured
John and Betsy Bell, and the slaves the Bell owned (she would
periodically flog them), she was kind to Mrs. Bell

The Domestic Goddess
Tips and recipes for everything from cookies and a migraine
compress to homemade bath salts..

 Treating Acne Naturally
The countless OTC acne scrubs had never helped.

The Window on the Shamanic Vision
One must forgive those of blind ignorance when they transgress
 upon your being for they are held by the chains of foolish human
folly and know no better. A petty man can direct hate easily at
everything, and everyone. A wise man knows hate is a madness
and thusly a foolish commodity of no use to him.


Spirit Shop

Services Directory



Near Death Experiences


Domestic Goddess

Haunted America

The Healing Lodge

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Attention: Unified Spirits is now accepting submissions. This is a non-paying market. Writers retain all rights to their materials. Reprints welcome. If you have a story to tell we would love to hear from you. For more information please contact Tina at unifiedspirits@yahoo.com  Thank You.

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